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  1. As a long time user of Adobe Audition 2.0 (since it came out), I have used the technique of selecting a section of noise with a box around the spike of offending material and reducing the volume only in the frequency range of the noise, and limited to it's duration. This is a particularly valuable tool when trying to salvage an old archived recording that is difficult to duplicate.!
  2. I've been doing this for years, in Adobe Audition. I track a lengthy segment, then cherry pick the good parts to build an arrangement. When the arrangement suits the song, I re-track along with the reference I just made, recording the entire song. This gives me two tracks to choose from, one for continuity; one for accuracy. Then I choose which parts to use, or for more color, pan them opposite and use both. I share files with composer friends and we build songs together. Have fun!
  3. And you continually have to learn to be a better listener!
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