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  1. Almost as new cab, with custom made cover. The cab is in 9/10 condish. Front loaded with eminence p50's, loads of bottom and crisp clean top. Hard to obtain in uk. New price aprox 900 quid. sell for half....450 notes.
  2. bleedblack

    Diezel VH4

    Thinkin of sellin. Anyone intersted, let me know. I'm in the uk. thanks.
  3. Anyone tried anything by lee Jackson, either a mod, or one of his metaltronix heads?
  4. Originally posted by flyangus Guys, I have an MPX R1, but I'd like a controller with an alphanumeric display. It's going to run with a dual amp setup using a Switchblade with racked pedals and an Eventide Eclipse. What are the pros and cons of the Rocktron and the Voodoo labs controllers? I'm leaning towards the All Access because it has backlit numbers and LEDs next to the switches (and the blue flourescent screen is !!) Any thoughts/comments? BTW Skrydstrup and Axess are too expensive! Thanks Hey Angus..... Learn to play first!!!!! ha!! ....only jokin man! you got that Bogner yet?
  5. Originally posted by RoboPimp bad solder joint on the jack or bad cord? usin monster cable!!! they sound great on their own, so yea it could be a bad joint..somethin else for me to check!!! thanks
  6. oh.while i'm at it.......... I've also got a dunlop Rotovibe (the red one!), and its sooo fookin noisy!!! I dont mean when i'm usin it, its most notable when its in the off position. If my foot taps the board its sittin on, or any neighbouring pedal to it, then there is a noticeable 'clunk' through my amp. It seems as though the pedal is microphonic?! Anyone else have any probs of this nature?.......
  7. Originally posted by Richard Guy Sounds like a lazy switch not returning to full 'up' position OR the PCB inside has a solder issue. I would check directly behind where the switch is located. cool......i'll check that out. thanx
  8. Originally posted by Merkin If seen that symptom in other pedals when there has been a faulty footswitch. Are you handy with a soldering iron ? Yea, not too bad!! I must admit, i did read a couple of reviews on here, and a lot of them mentioned havin a problem with the switch, but , i thought they cant all be that bad!!! FOOL!!! I suppose i'll just have to open the thing up and look at the switch...........
  9. I decided to get me the ge-7 as my amp (jcm2205), although primarily a two channel amp, realy has no lead 'boost' capabilties. Before i start messin with my pedalboard, i just wondered the best place in the chain to throw it in. This is my set up, as it stands now. Les paul(emg's)>hendix wah>rotovibe>mxr wylde overdrive>boss CE-5(might put this in loop)>fender tuner>jcm800 Either BOSS DD-3, or Intellifex in loop. Any ideas.........
  10. Just took delivery of one of those Zakk Wylde MXR overdrive pedals. I bought it used on ebay. Cosmeticly, its perfect. Sound wise, i think it kicks the arse of the boss super overdrive i was usin !! Switchin it on is not a problem....... BUT.......When i step on the damn switch, my uneffected signal does not return to full strenght, it sounds as though it's halved. Thin and {censored}ty. A couple more clicks, and ........bingo its back to normal. Anyone else know of these units and what the devil is happenin?
  11. Originally posted by tshapiro Yup. You are beginning to see the light Grasshopper? glasshopper see the light...........!!!! So........where can i get, and how much will this switching unit cost?
  12. Originally posted by tshapiro Wait a minute. How could you get simpler than plugging in three 1' cords and one 1-Spot to power the whole thing up? I just use delay, chorus, phase, and a tuner. It literally takes me 2 minutes to setup/breakdown my rig at shows... which is nice as we played shows the last 3 nights in a row this weekend Plus, I never get bad cables with this - it's bullet proof. so.....you set your pedals, leave them on top of your amp, then use on/off switches to bring them in and out of the loop?
  13. Originally posted by tshapiro You could always make the wise decision and put a remote switchable true bypass box by your amp and use just 1' cables instead of 15' cables. Than, the only line to run is for the off/on switch. I still can't figure out why everyone moves an entire effect unit with a power source to the front of the stage when all they need is the off/on switch at the front of the stage?!?!? I know a lot of people can't hear the 20' cables but I always could. www.nobels.com (Loop Master) Check out my rig for an example of how easy this is. that looks a cool set-up!!! only thing is , i dont use too many pedals, and i just want too keep it real simple you know....but i guess if your using a number of pedals with different settings options it would be ace.
  14. Originally posted by jonny guitar I did 10' to and 10' from a boss ge7 and rv3 into a couple of different 800's with no problems at all. i too have just bought a ge7. did you run it in the loop for eq, or as a lead boost? oh....thanks for the advice.
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