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  1. Would prefer to trade this Amp for a Trace Elliot ah500x or similar Trace Elliot Head but will sell for $500. Great condition and powers my 8 X 10 Cab like a Beast. These amps were discontinued and are hard to find. My favorite feature is the ability to run two cabs on separate channels. One cab clean and crisp and the other dirty. You can even isolate your effects loop to one channel. Technical Data Power 650 Watts @ 4 Ohms Power-amp Dynaclip Preamp TubeTouch Effects Loop serial MIDI optional MSM-1 Footswitch/Stageboard Stageboard NOT included Switching Functions EQ on/o
  2. I following Bass effects pedals to trade. Electroharmonix - Bass Muff PI Elecrtoharmonix - POG Digitech - Jam Man Solo Looper BBE - Sonic Stomp WISH LIST Electroharmonix - Deluxe Bass Muff PI T- Rex - Chorus
  3. Is this still available? I currently use a Bass Balls Pedal and always liked these.
  4. Mint Condition UBASS with Kala Gig Bag Addictive and fun to play. Play it acoustic and be surprised at the sound, plug it into your rig and be blown away at the sound of a full upright bass. $375 Features:
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