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  1. On 3/7/2020 at 8:10 PM, arcadesonfire said:

    Looks like Dean Markley has stopped producing the Blue Steel strings. I used them for 20+ years. Loved em because they maintained their springiness much longer than other makes, but they weren’t overly springy. Does anybody know if they’re making the same thing but under a different name? 

    What make for you use? How would you describe the sound?

    I go on stage for the first time in a year next weekend. Gotta restring and be ready. (BTW, I use gauge 10-46.)

    Well I USED to use the Blue Steel custom lights.

    Guess not any more. :sad:


  2. 8 hours ago, Red Ant said:

    It was LOUD. And clean. To get it to really break up you need to be "kills small animals" loud :lol:

    Was looking at a reasonably priced fixer-upper one the other day.

    Depending on much rebuild it needed, I was considering modding it add another gain stage.




  3. I have a neighbor that is in the U.S. Army rock band (or at least one of them).

    He uses a Variax guitar and a Blackstar 30w, and all be damned, that rig does a good job of letting him jump song to song with very little fiddling with amps, or pedals.

    We're talking from ZZ, to 5 Finger Death punch, to Journey, to Hendrix, to Boston.....they have that sort of set list. He just flips a few knobs and voila!


  4. 27 minutes ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    This is going to sound really dumb, but:

    For those of you who use digital/modeling/profiling amps, how do you go about auditioning an amp?

    I have never had a problem getting a feel for what a basic tube amp sounds like from simply plugging in and dialing in some gain and tone settings - about 2 minutes in I can have a sense of what the character of the amp is, and what sound it will give. Even a complex one like the XTC or VH4 has a personality that you can sort out pretty quickly. I don't use pedals for any gain or distortion (all amp), and all of my time delay and EQ is rack FX, so I'm only looking at the raw amp emulation.

    I want to go test-drive a Kemper to get a sense of whether it will do what I need/want for live use, but I really don't know where to start, and I don't want to spend hours fumbling around trying to figure out how to get to a basic set of sounds. OTOH, it's enough $$$ that I don't want to just risk-buy based on a bunch of internet reviews and Youtube clips - I really want to get a sense of how the thing operates and how easy it is to set up a basic sound, then navigate around among the rigs/patches.

    Any suggestions on how to start? Help!?!?!?!?!?!

    Well there's a couple of ways.....

    You can search YT or forums for folks who have created patches to play songs you know to see if they're close. Maybe get a couple of MP3s to listen to in a car.

    Or you can test drive someone's who uses theirs regularly for gigs etc.

    I know a guy who uses AXFX fairly regularly and aside from patches, the way in which you use it also determinative. 

    For instance, would you be plugging direct into a mixer-PA? Or using a power amp/cab like a tube amp?

    If the later, a solid state amp or tube? 

    My nephew's band uses modelers almost exclusively while on tour. Most in the audience are none the wiser, and the teardown/setup is very quick and simple. Especially as they build a library of the venues.


    Edit: Keep in mind tube amps are similar to modelers except they're for men. ;) :lol:


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  5. On 9/6/2019 at 10:27 AM, gp2112 said:

    I am a self-taught bedroom player with no music background or training. You guys talking about phrasing, eighths, and all that other stuff just flies over my head at about 10,000 feet. 

    Because I am so stunted I can play a good number of songs but I cannot, for the life of me, do lead very well, if at all. 

    So...What I am doing is concentrating on learning how to get through scales with some semblance of competence. For years I never understood the Root Notes and could not grasp what I read or others told me. When I would watch another do a lead riff I would wonder how they could go from one part of the fretboard to the other and make it sound so natural. 

    Last week, while driving home, I thought of something: "Maybe the root notes are the locations you can go to and get a different sound but one that will not clash with the sound you are trying to achieve...?" 

    Later, I grabbed my guitar and started going through the "A" blues scale. I then tried to prove or disprove my thought from earlier in the day and it seemed to work, so I am building on that. I may have it wrong but it seems to be working for me. My GF said the noodling I was doing sounded pretty good. 

    The problem with music is it is so much like math and I have always had difficulties grasping math in the manner in which it is taught. I have always had to do "Stupid Math" work-arounds to get where I need to be. It worked very well for me as a medic and having to do drug dosage problems. 

    Perhaps I need to develop work-arounds for being able to grasp guitar playing too.

    Ditto for me

  6. Just now, Zig al-din said:


    A friend of mine turned me on to Uli some years ago, and I really enjoy some of his work, that tune being one example. Metal is a small part of my musical taste spectrum, but it's definitely there with emphasis. I'm a huge Megadeth fan for instance and still enjoy Slayer from time to time (though I was more in the fanatic category in the early days.)

    Am going to see Iron Maiden on Tuesday, and I'm very curious how they will sound after all these years. One of the best live bands ever...or so I've heard. I can't imagine that Bruce Dickinson can still hit those notes but well see! Can't wait to hear Powerslave, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Aces High and so many more. 


    Musically on my own I've been working on James Jamerson stuff for ages as all bass players do knowingly or unknowingly...and trying to re-gear my horribly bad  right hand and finger technique with limited success. I have never and will never be able to play Steve Harris' stuff..... :0

    Yeah I indulge in the heavier arts quite often. :D

    I really dig older Maiden, but their stuff after Powerslave all sounds the same to me. Harris' rhythms seem to never vary all that much IMO. Like Zakk's leads.

    Big fan of Killers, Number, and Powerslave!

    MD with Marty FTW. Closest thing to having Becker in the band.

    As soon as I finish with Sails, I'm tackling Hangar 18 next.



  7. Being a "weekend warrior" guitar player (been playing badly for over 35 years), I don't get to practice as much as I'd like.

    However I do try to select at least one piece, exercise, etc. to learn that is usually way beyond my capabilities. I figure you don't improve if you only play what you know or just simple stuff.

    My recent effort is to learn Uli John Roth's intro to "Sails of Charon". Uli was shredding before shredding was a thing. 

    I've got the picking/fingering down, but only at 100bpm. Trying to get it to 120bpm with a metronome.  These 53 year old fingers don't move so fast anymore. :lol:




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  8. I'll admit it, I like to look at Katy Perry (she was awesome in the banned Sesame Street video). The little bit of her music I've heard I can not stand.


    But apparently she's been sued for stealing a "beat" from a Christian rapper and the jury decided on behalf of the rapper. Lotsa money is about to change hands.


    I read the article and was curious about the stolen beat. I listened to both tracks and what I hear is "boom boom clap" for both songs. What?


    If you care here's a link to the CNN page where both music vids are posted. Am I missing something? What is in the rap song that has been stolen for the Perry song?




    And if you don't listen to the tracks I don't blame ya a bit!




    Okay you just made me go look up that Sesame Street video.



    Sandpaper, heat guns, Aircraft stripper... no matter what you use, poly’s a PITB to remove...


    See I was able to completely strip an Ibby RG with a cheap Harbor Freight heat gun and a putty knife in about 30min.


    Once it starts to bubble, you can peel off large strips.


    However, heat guns are NOT recommended for nitro finishes with celluloid binding. I had a '76 Iceman burst into flames. 😜


    When? When he did the power ballad duet with Lita Ford? Yeah, that lasted for 5 minutes. And even then, I think they just liked the song, not the singer.


    Sorry, but few chicks ever dug Ozzy or Sabbath. The one Ozzy concert I went to (1990ish) was a sausage-fest. Which is one reason (not the only of course) why guitarists like Van Halen, Page, and Slash had greater "guitar hero" status than guys like Rhodes, Blackmore and Yngwie whose appeal was more limited to other musicians and male fans of those bands.


    Only speculation but had Rhodes only continued on with Ozzy? He'd have remained a cult hero. Had he moved on to play with Whitesnake or Bon Jovi or some such band? Probably a whole different thing.


    Must be a San Antonio thing, but I knew a lot of young women who were Ozzy fans.



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    That's the part I don't like. To paraphrase Hank Hill, "You're not making rock & roll better, you're making classical music worse" :lol:



    See I never understood that sentiment.


    If you can actually get metal-heads to be curious about Vivaldi, or Paganini...why not? :)





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  12. RR is in my top 10 of guitarists. Not because of his Plexi/MXR Distortion + tone, but because he was the anti-Van Halen for me.


    He brought the concept of classic guitar theory to metal for the US audience.


    Yes I know Blackmore, Uli, et al did too, but RR made it cool.


    I firmly believe he would've surpassed VH as America's guitar hero had he lived.



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    Biggest thing I've dealt with is FM 5K transmitter and old AM Gates BC-1 that was all tube. Nautel spoiled me with their 1K all solid state AM transmitter. Small market radio is kinda' fun until it isn't. :lol:


    Yeah I think SS work up to a certain wattage, after which tubes take over due to the large voltages involved.


    I used to use a fluorescent light bulb to check the transmitters & couplers for RF leaks!



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