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  1. Wait a minute....wait.....wait......okay...... Thanks!
  2. Okay you just made me go look up that Sesame Street video.
  3. Here's one I made from a 100yo Mahogany hutch.
  4. See I was able to completely strip an Ibby RG with a cheap Harbor Freight heat gun and a putty knife in about 30min. Once it starts to bubble, you can peel off large strips. However, heat guns are NOT recommended for nitro finishes with celluloid binding. I had a '76 Iceman burst into flames. 😜
  5. Must be a San Antonio thing, but I knew a lot of young women who were Ozzy fans.
  6. See I never understood that sentiment. If you can actually get metal-heads to be curious about Vivaldi, or Paganini...why not?
  7. Meh...snapshots in time... I think plenty "chicks" started liking Ozzy as time went on.
  8. RR is in my top 10 of guitarists. Not because of his Plexi/MXR Distortion + tone, but because he was the anti-Van Halen for me. He brought the concept of classic guitar theory to metal for the US audience. Yes I know Blackmore, Uli, et al did too, but RR made it cool. I firmly believe he would've surpassed VH as America's guitar hero had he lived.
  9. This?[img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com\/images\/I\/71EbghMeXpL._SX679_.jpg"}[/img2]
  10. Yeah I think SS work up to a certain wattage, after which tubes take over due to the large voltages involved. I used to use a fluorescent light bulb to check the transmitters & couplers for RF leaks!
  11. Yeah they use ceramic instead of glass for shielding and other nefarious purposes. Out 500kw LF transmitters had tubes that were 48" long and weighed 50lbs. The sockets and associated circuitry was all solver plated straps, bolts, etc. We didn't maintenance with tools similar to the ones for working on automobiles.
  12. Ughh...my GF's brother-n-law is buds with Christopher Cross. Yacht rock makes me want to hang myself.
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