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  1. Well I USED to use the Blue Steel custom lights. Guess not any more. :sad:
  2. Was looking at a reasonably priced fixer-upper one the other day. Depending on much rebuild it needed, I was considering modding it add another gain stage.
  3. Just curious if anyone has ever played an original DR-103. What was it like? Thanks!
  4. I have a neighbor that is in the U.S. Army rock band (or at least one of them). He uses a Variax guitar and a Blackstar 30w, and all be damned, that rig does a good job of letting him jump song to song with very little fiddling with amps, or pedals. We're talking from ZZ, to 5 Finger Death punch, to Journey, to Hendrix, to Boston.....they have that sort of set list. He just flips a few knobs and voila!
  5. Well there's a couple of ways..... You can search YT or forums for folks who have created patches to play songs you know to see if they're close. Maybe get a couple of MP3s to listen to in a car. Or you can test drive someone's who uses theirs regularly for gigs etc. I know a guy who uses AXFX fairly regularly and aside from patches, the way in which you use it also determinative. For instance, would you be plugging direct into a mixer-PA? Or using a power amp/cab like a tube amp? If the later, a solid state amp or tube? My nephew's band uses modelers almost exc
  6. Being a "weekend warrior" guitar player (been playing badly for over 35 years), I don't get to practice as much as I'd like. However I do try to select at least one piece, exercise, etc. to learn that is usually way beyond my capabilities. I figure you don't improve if you only play what you know or just simple stuff. My recent effort is to learn Uli John Roth's intro to "Sails of Charon". Uli was shredding before shredding was a thing. I've got the picking/fingering down, but only at 100bpm. Trying to get it to 120bpm with a metronome. These 53 year old fingers don't move so
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