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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions everybody! I just bought a Samsung Galaxy tab a 8. Question can I use this thing for the XR18 only without loading up an E-mail account or a phone no. so no one can call while in use running the XR18.?
  2. I'm hearing that an Android works a lot smoother among other things then an apple Ipad, is that true!
  3. I have a 5G dual band router that I'm not using, since I hooked up to direct tv. I also have a HP laptop, Which works great, except I can't close the lid since I broke the hinge on one side,. other then that it works great. Thanks for the help.
  4. Ok for you smart gadget guys would this work asus z380m? $129.00
  5. Abzurd I have been running sound every week end for the last 3 years in a club that has their own pa system analog, We're closed about 2 Fridays a month, so I thought I might start doing a Friday here and there, so to lighten my load I thought the XR18 would help.
  6. Thanks everyone, as far as getting a cheap android and get it to work, I'm not that savvy, so would any in the 50 to $100.00 work?
  7. Thanks guys! What size android would you suggest? I also heard you can run up tp 100ft of cat 5 cable off your Lap top in case your I pad or android stopped working. Hey any suggestion, I'm all ears! The suggestion Walmart is a good one. Thanks.
  8. So does any android tablet work? Or would it be better to stick with my Ipad that I already have, considering the newly released app.
  9. Great! I;m glad to hear that because my wife likes playing games on the IPad and I really don't want to tie up my I phone!. Is there an android you could recommend or better yet, a couple that would work? Thanks.
  10. I just ordered it. Musician"s Friend had a 12% discount plus my earned points come out to $400,00. My choice was this one or a Soundcraft UI 16, by the way the Soundcraft is on sale for $378. and change, that's such a good price I was thinking of changing my order but all my friends told me I should stick with what I ordered..Question are any of you familiar with either of these?
  11. Loud! That's for sure, some are half deaf in one ear!
  12. I see this a lot where 1 monitor is set on the left side and 1 on the right side shaped like a V in front of the performer is this a good Idea? Thanks.
  13. Where has everyone gone? This forum use to hum.
  14. Let me take a stab at this, since I don't want to drag a laptop around, My Studio Live 16-4-2 has a 31 band EQ on all my AUX and 2 for the mains,is there an app like a pink noise to tune the room and an app to ring out the monitors? That would work on my ! Phone?
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