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  1. Hey y'all. Just looking for a smidgeon of advice. I've been playing the guitar for around twelve months, although I come from a mildly musical background, especially with keyboard instruments. I got a squier strat (currently being modded to mimic Billy Corgan, having LACE pickups fitted etc) and more recently a fender stratacoustic. Anyway, I'm basically self-taught, although I went for some fairly advanced lessons (sweep picking, 2-hand tapping, jazz chords etc) for around three months. In my time spent playing the guitar I've developed a very individual style of playing, whereby I spurn the use of a pick and use my fingers and thumbs. I can use a pick, just not as well as I can my hands. I know there are other guitarists who have developed a style which spurns plectra, noteably Jeff Beck, but is it especially wise to continue playing the guitar in my own individual style, or should I adopt a more conventional one? What I intend to play is largely informed by the smashing pumpkins, radiohead, my bloody valentine, television etc although I occasionally turn my hands to shred, I know it's difficult making an objective appraisal without hearing me play, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, John.
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