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  1. Who's your favorite non-boutique builder? Hmm. That would be Mike Matthews.
  2. What kind of changes we will see in the OOH WAH 3? Said another way, how does the addition of tap tempo change other aspects of the pedal? The Ooh-Wah TT will have tap tempo, and like the Ringtone, it will have sequence, random, and step modes.
  3. Where did you get this sofa? It's a chair. My friend Phil Solem has the matching sofa (by chance) one floor above me. I got it at a now-defunct store called Vogue in Minneapolis. It has no manufacturer's markings.
  4. why the inventobox? Seemed like a good idea at the time. I build pedals that I appreciate. I build them for me. Creative, inquisitive people who want to tweak existing circuits or create their own will instantly understand the purpose of the Inventobox when they watch a video of it. Here's a crude one from NAMM: [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  5. Alright Zach, how you doing? Quite well, thanks. Coming down off a NAMM high. Gonna be interviewed by Make magazine. Got interviewed by Wired over the weekend. Going out tonight to meet good friends and listen to my favorite DJs spin crazy old 60s and 70s British invasion and funk tunes, along with cool stuff from all periods.
  6. ...what foreign countires have u been to, and where do u want to go? I've been to the UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Turkey, and Mexico. I don't travel as much as I should. I hope to visit Asia (all of my distributors and partners there) and perhaps some other part of South America this year. Is Vegas a foreign country? I'm headed there next week with a gorgeous psych major.
  7. What's with the attitude? Oh, and where's the farking flanger? What {censored}ing attitude? The farking flanger is up your farking a**.
  8. i would ask him to take me under his wing as an apprentice! i have to admit, i don't know much about electronics but am willing to learn That would be exhausting. I have to teach my engineer whenever we're working together right now, and it leaves so little time for engineering!
  9. looking forward to Vexter Loop Junky if it's happening I like my old 1966 Marshall JTM45 through my 1970 Greenback-loaded Orange cab using my 1968 NAMM-prototype Les Paul Custom (made with parts from '60 and '61). I also like my Magnatone Typhoon and my Vox AC-15 reissue head and cab.
  10. I get 1561th post. Hey Robo. Color. Think about it.
  11. all options look good TELL US WHAT IT IS!!!! It is what you want it to be.
  12. Perhaps. Or perhaps I'm just interesting.
  13. I'm still working with my partners overseas. They're usually at the factory until 5 or 6AM central standard.
  14. Not really. We all use knives, probably on average about once every 2 hours.
  15. Lately, Leatherman Skeletool. Super light-weight, interchangeable screwdriver bits. Blade is scalpel-sharp for opening overnight packages.
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