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  1. Music is worthless, live entertainment is now largely worthless, bottom line, we are all screwed.
  2. Smile, drop your jaw and shrug your shoulders and then drop them, when doing that, clench your but cheeks and bend your knees, then imagine singing from your belly button. I think you can improve tremendously, but like me you struggle with tnesion in the upper belting range becuase you have a heavy voice type and your trying to get a light voice type tone, so your squeezing, the goal is to let go of the tension and just belt it. all the things I just recomend will engage the body and disengage the tension in the throat, give them each a try seperately or together, they work surprisingly well. also lip rolls really help to
  3. you should always audtion microphones for a singer, some mics work better with certain voice types. I find a I favor good quality condensors like the Groove Tubes gt66 and the AKG D5 LX, it works better for me, one of my best buds, uses a Shure SM58 for his vocals. Interesting article, but I thought most of that was relatively common knowldege ?
  4. a bit about my setup, its a home Pc running with Presonus studio 1 software. I have a Delta 1010lt pci card, I also have a old teac 8 channel analog mixer, nice consoule actually. I was wondering on the best way to configure my chain, I have trouble with latency in my singing and having to hunt for the song. Phil suggested a headphone amp, but I am unsure of how to configure this chain for real time recording or latency corrected recording. I have tried monitoring through the card channel 1 input DAW channel 1 output headphones, and that give me a somewhat noticeable delay, Looking for ideas on how to construct a good chain that won't have latency alignment problems. Thanks in advance !
  5. Davie and Phil, Thanks you much for the kind words. I will try to get a better version up sometime soon. I have desires to move on from the piece and work on others. Phil, I have a delta1010 PCI card, and I can get my latency down to 32 samples, but i still get some echo back, Is there a better way short of a mixer ?
  6. huh, that's just a growl I get once I relax, hardly out of head room. I like my shell, its comfortable and warm in here. I was having monitoring trouble however. so I was struggling a bit to here the song. Less then ideal recording space.
  7. when did that change, no problem to do so I suppose
  8. I will echo kickingtone, you need to work on letting yourself breathe and letting your air support your note.
  9. Aaproach has some good lessons on building tone and sound, Inflection is difficult to master, but without proper vocal cord and diaphragm coordination you'll never get those big tones you want. It all starts with breath support and vocal cord coordination training. you have good raw ingredients.
  10. Just looking for feedback, I know the mix is really loud, that wasn't accidental, I wanted the voice up front for judging, so judge, but no need to be a dick about it. constructive feedback preferred.
  11. To much tension in the larynx, and if you learn to control it and relax, this song will sound much more fluid even when you belt.
  12. Start by learning breathe support, then move to the next steps, core body knowledge is critical to singing success
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