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  1. Hey Phil! Sorry for my REALLY delayed response. The 650Ti I have in my work machine is really quiet. That's the one I would suggest. Hope things with you are rockin'! I need to visit again next time I'm out there. Chris
  2. I'd recommend one of these, mainly because you can run up to 4 monitors. I run 4 monitors at work and 3 at home and (for me) it makes a ton of difference in my workflow. GTX 650 Ti Boost (($119) GTX 750 Ti ($149) Radeon R9 270 ($149) Like it has been said above, I would imagine it depends on how many monitors you are running. Best, Chris
  3. You could also create dowel rod type things and drape/clasp the blanket over them, kinda like a bathroom towel rack, although a much bigger one. I've seen it done this way and it looks nice and serves its purpose. Nails would be the easiest, quickest way. -Chris
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