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  1. I bought the Kona KG1CEN for $160 and it is AMAZING! Does anyone else have the KS2NE or KG1CEN? The KG1CEN is brand new and therefore not listed on harmony central, but the KS2NE has awesome reviews. I challenge anyone to find a better acoustic-electric for under $500. These are apparently the best Kona acoustic-electrics available. See below for a message I got from Kona.: There are two models that I feel are a great value for the money. The first would be our KS2NE. This model has a solid spruce top with Rosewood back and sides and is what we call a medium jumbo and is part of our Signature Series. The combination of the solid top and medium jumbo size provide a deeper more rich sound whether you are using it plug into an amp or as a straight acoustic. The electronics used are active instead of passive giving you more control over your sound when using it with an amp. The second model is our brand new KG1CEN. This model is part of our KONA Gold series and has the same solid spruce top but we used mahogany for the back and sides to create more sustain and give a little different look. It is a regular dreadnought size and has book matched back. The electronics in the unit are the active once again but it also includes a tuner built in which comes in quite handy.
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