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  1. I would say that barre chording is important to learn, but not essential -- depending on what your goals are and how dedicated you become. If you stick with guitar playing, you will eventually come back to barre chords, so don't let any frustration with them now hold you back. After you've been playing for a couple of years and you've mastered other areas, come back to learning barre chords. I once met a guitar player that was born without arms. Lots of people told him he could never play guitar without arms. He taught himself to play with his feet. He was inspiring to watch. Years later, he played for the Pope when he visited Los Angeles. Never let anyone tell you what you can't do. If you don't barre, then don't let it hold you back.
  2. I'd spend $7,000 on beer and women. The rest I would just waste.
  3. Originally posted by bdegrande If you use a Variax, there's a big difference between the XT and XT Live. The Live has a Variax digital input which will both supply power to the Variax and let you change guitar models as well as amp models and effects with one footswitch. Not only that, but you can connect to your computer and use the variax workbench through the XT Live. The workbench software is free if you own the XT Live (or a Vetta II). Also, the live comes with the effects junkie pack (lots more effects built-in). Also, I believe the live has more patch space (32 x 4 banks vs 16 x 4).
  4. I'm truly sorry to hear about your Grandmother, fuzzball.
  5. Originally posted by percyexpat you need a variax I used to take only two guitars, a Fender 57RI strat and either an epi LP or an EPI dot. Last week I used a variax and I will be doing 8 shows this month with it. I'll take the dot as a backup, but at this point I'm not expecting to use it. I'm also using the POD xt live into a house PA.
  6. Originally posted by dcooper830 When using Line 6 edit.. I did notice among the list of amp models... something that said "Citrus" Would that be the new Orange Amp Model? Probably dumb question. Another little problem is.. Guitar Port (which I like better than Line 6 Edit) doesn't recognize the new models. Line6 will be updating Guitar Port for the new models. They chose to release the models and Line6 Edit rather than wait until GP was ready. I think they made the right choice myself. You should give L6edit a chance. It's a very good editor, even though it doesn't draw a picture of your amp's front panel when you select the amp to model.
  7. Originally posted by StratStevo I use my V-Amp Pro more than any amp I own. Wow!! Where's the fasten seat belt sign and no smoking switch located?
  8. MrKnobs: I enjoyed your story very much. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself.
  9. Layla, Derek and the Dominos. It never needed a solo. Even all of the air play and Commercialization can't kill it for me. It always takes me back to high school.
  10. Some DJs are musicians. Some rappers are musicians. Some doctors, lawyers and construction workers are musicians (except the Village People). That said, DJs are artists, but not musicians. Just my opinion.
  11. Originally posted by lakeoffire AFAIK, the XT Live has been out a longer time than the GT8... Maybe, but only by a month or two. The xtl has been out since around December04. As for effects quality, you should be the judge. I think the xtl rocks, but lots of people think otherwise. But if they're good enough for recording, that's good enough for me. My xtl has become my practice amp, my recording processor and my gigging processor. I run it live through the power amp section of a Fender Pro185 and it sound great to me.
  12. I've bought a fair amount of stuff from MF over the last couple of years, no problems. I'm not sure I'd buy a guitar from them -- maybe if I thought it wouldn't need a setup. Usually if I know what I want, and I'm not in a hurry (like I need it now for a gig tonight) I'll order it from MF. If I don't know what I want, I'll find a store and try stuff out first.
  13. I was almost 14 when Apollo landed on the moon. Anyone who was alive then and over the age of 5 will never forget it. Even crime came to a standstill when the landing was televised. When the picture first came on the TV, the image was upside down and had to be inverted. There was some discussion about what Neil Armstrong would say when he stepped on the moon, but he wouldn't comment on what he had decided to say prior to saying it. The flag was explained at the time because they didn't want to have a limp flag on a pole. What would be the point? So they created one to look like it was waving in the breeze. However, you could tell on the live image, the flag wasn't moving because THERE WAS NO WIND!!! All this was explained at the time during the broadcast by (IIRCC) Jules Bergman, a science correspondent for the network. If you believe the landing was a hoax, then maybe you think we don't have a space station orbiting the earth today, or that we have no satellites in space. Perhaps all of the Hubble images are painted by artists and the earth is really flat.
  14. Originally posted by lou_weed yes, {censored} good. Wanna pet my {censored}? Sure, if you promise to put down the cat.
  15. To some at HCFX, it may be considered blasphemy to love a multi-effects device, but I do like mine alot. Some notes an comparing the XTL to the TonelabSE and the GT-8: The GT-8 has the edge in terms of sheer number of effects. If effects is your main reason for wanting one, take a close look at the Boss. The Tonelab seems to have the edge as far as tone because of the use of the tube in the circuit. This is quite subjective however. YMMV. The XTL has the edge in terms of number of amp models and software support. It comes with 36 amp models with more available for purchase. It also has a usb interface to your computer (Tonelab does not, don't know but I think the GT-8 does). Somethings to keep in mind about multi-effects in general: The effects are not considered as good as pedals by most players here. The trade-off is that these things have a large number of presets which is very convienient for gigging. Just step on one or two pedals and you're setup for the next song. With pedals, you may have to turn two off, then three on, dial one up or down etc. In other words if you use a complicated effects setup it's easy to screw it up. More convienient with presets. Also, there are a large number of users for each of these things and they can trade settings easily. The XTL seems to have the largest number of downloadable presets, but the Boss may also have a large number, I just don't know. Another downside in general about these things is that they require a lot of tweaking to sound good. This is true of all of these things and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you hate to tweak or you simply don't have the time to fiddle with it, you will probably hate them and should stick with pedal effects. Finally, I always tell people to try to live with one for a while before making up your mind. My XTL sounds great to my ears and plenty of people agree, but lots of people also disagree, so it's really a personal matter of opinion. Get it on a 30 day returnable purchase or be prepared to sell it in ebay if you don't like it.
  16. My main guitar is a strat 57 reissue my brother gave me. It's like butta especially after the previous guitar was a tiesco del rey hollow body. After playing the strat for about 13 years now, nothing else feels quite right. I keep thinking I need a les paul but it just doesn't feel right to me. Im sure it's because my hands have been trained around the strat.
  17. Originally posted by Taganov Dayamn man. Nice. Fill us in on the down & dirty details...like the price, etc. Also, what is "Huzzah"? I speak Californian, I'll take this one. Huzzah! = Woohoo!
  18. Alan B. Sheppard > (that's right, UK has never put anyone in space). Gone With the Wind > The English Patient (not even British). Michael Jackson > The Spice Girls (OK you may have us there).
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