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  1. I got a free one in a 10 pack of strings over the weekend. I liek the tuner! Seems to be accurate (+/- 3 cents) and responds very well. Not bad for free.
  2. okay, I've finally got my pedalboard designed! But now I have a practical building question... 1. What's a good wood thickness to use that provides strength, but still keeps the weight to a minimum? 2. anyone have good methods on hwo to carpet the boards? I want it to look good! Thanks!
  3. won't I still need to have another way to get the signal from the Pod to the amp? If A goes to the normal amp and B goes to the pod, ho wdo I get the signal from the pod to the amp?
  4. you know, i thought about that just as I posted. perhaps that would be the best idea though. Perhaps if i explain my needs for a board you can tell me if that is correct. In the simplest terms, I want to build a type of modular pedalbaord. One side of the board will be the pod setup. The other side of the board will be a traditional effects pedal setup (with 4 . So I'm trying to figure out a way in which I can use both setups either indivudually, or in conjunftion with one another. I'm even toyign with the idea of making two completely seperate boards that can be connected together to make one large board. That way I can take the pod side to places when I just need to run direct, and then I can conenct the two halves for when I am playing with my amp and can use the versatility. Would a loop pedal be the best way to handle this kind of setup? Or am I thinking way too outside the box with this?
  5. Ok, so I am looking at building my own pedal board and have a question or two.... but I'll just ask one now. I am looking at building a board that can store my pod xt inside of it and be controlled by my FBV shortboard sitting above it (make sense?). So, in essence my podxt would be completely concealed. I am trying to fgirue out a way to plug my guitar into the xt in the easiest waypossible and thought a little patchbay might work. That way I can install the patchbay onto my board, and connect the pod to it from underneath. Then I could run my guitar cable into the corresponding bay. I could do the same thing with the output from the pod as well correct? That way all my in and out cables go through a simple patch bay. Does that even make sense? If so, does anyone know where I could buy a simple patchbay with just a few ins/outs that I could install on my board? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone: I am trying to build a unique pedalboard and perhap someone has some experience or can help. I want to use my pod xt and shortboard in conjunction with my other traditional pedals. So basically I am trying to build two effects boards in one. One on side of the board would be the shortboard. On the other side, a traditional pedal setup with 3 or four pedals. I'd like to somehow mount the xt underneath the shortboard, but still make it accessible. Perhaps a drawer, or a shelf/ or a liftable floor to reveal the xt. I'd ideally like to run ech setup independantly or in conjunction as I see fit. I'm sure that could be accomplished with two a/b boxes (one to split the signals to the respective sides) and another to combine them at the end of the chain. The wiring of the actual board might get a bit funky as I'd like a way to power everything so all I have to do is plug the board in to the wall. Of course, I'd like to carpet the thing and have a removable lid that would enlcose the case... I know it all sounds very complicated, but does anyone have a better idea? Or any advice? Does this even make sense? Thanks!
  7. Ibanez DE-7 $50 shipped I'll take it. Check your PMs!
  8. www.myspace.com/theridemusic
  9. Anyone got an extra that they want to get rid of? let me know!
  10. hmm... sounds like it might be sometihng i should check out. I don't really need infinite repeats, or need it to meld into white-noise. Just a nice simple delay set at about 250 ms. Maybe I shoudl look into that used one!
  11. Hey guys.. i am a ver simply effects user (OD, delay, wah) I've heard some differing opinions on the DE-7, and because it's pretty darn affordable, I'm thinking of getting one. What would your advice be ont he pedal as I have never used it? Any input?
  12. Hey guys: I'm lookign to acquire either a tim or a timmy pedal. Anyone have one they are wanting to part with? Can anyone tell me about their experiences with the pedal? thanks! -jrm
  13. Hey guys: Yeah, I gig pretty regularly for the time being. And the Mesa does have a lot of drive, but I'd really like to have the functionality of a three channel amp, and this is only a two. An overdrive to stack onto my clean sound to create a nice midpoint between clean and tons of distortion would be helpful.
  14. Hey guys... I think this might actually be my first HCEF post.. so pardon me if this is a topic that comes up alot. I am looking for a overdrive pedal for my setup (LP Standard, VOX wah, Mesa Rectoverb combo) I have spent some time playing around with the Ibanez TS9, TS808, and TS9DX. I think I liked the TS9Dx the best.l.. just seemed more versatile. Does anyone have any input? What's the consensus around here for overdrive pedals? Thanks! -jrm27
  15. I've heard some of his recordings with Dave Matthew Band... killer tone.
  16. I eally enjoy switchfoot.. I too remember them back from my high school days in San Diego, and I've been happy to see them find commericial success. Yes, Chem 6A is a great song.. their tone does indeed rock me pretty good on the new disc. Saw them in concert with Eisley a few months ago and it was phenominal. Great show, good showmanship, good sound. All around, I'd say, "well done"
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