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  1. Sorry, at the moment I don't need anymore pedals (except for maybe a pog/micro-pog)
  2. Hi all: Up for grabs is a 1999 Thumb 6 NT. This is a tremendously flexible and capable bass. Great for rock, jazz, pop, metal, funk, ... really anything! Here's the info on the body construction (straight from Warwick): Body : Bubinga Neck : Ovangkol Fingerboard : Wenge Finish : Natural Oil Finish This bass is in great shape! There is very little visible wear. The only thing I saw while taking pictures was a small indentation down by the control knobs... but since it has a natural finish you can't really see it until the light hits it just right. It's quite small. The bass also has straplocks installed and recessed into the holes where strap pins might usually be. It is a very streamlined installation. Otherwise, it's stock! Will come with warwick rockbag that it was originally bought with. The bag has seen some miles, and could stand to be replaced after a while. $2500 plus shipping. No trades at this time please. Here are some pictures (they are a little dark, and a little "red" on the monitor I'm looking at right now, so please keep that in mind) a few more pics available upon request.
  3. Going through my pedal collection this last week, I found some that I no longer use. Great pedals, but I've been using others and playing less, so these gotta go. TS-7 - $25 This is a version of the TS9 made for the tonelock series. Has two modes (normal and hot). Dials pop out for adjustment and the recess back into the pedal so they don't get changed once you've set it how you like it. It's been used, there's scuffs and marks, but it still works just fine! DE-7 - $50 This is a great little delay. It's got different modes (delay/echo) and is very versatile. This was my main delay unit for years. It has been used, so scuffs and marks come with the territory. The sticker on the back has been removed as well. Dials pop out for adjustment and the recess back into the pedal so they don't get changed once you've set it how you like it. Boss BD2 - $65 An EXCELLENT pedal that I am rather sad to part with. I just don't use it enough. It is used, so scuffs and marks exist. Korg Digital Rack Tuner w/rack - $150 I'm moving away from a rack setup, so have no need for the tuner or the rack. (the top unit in this picture is an Sennheiser Digitial 1000 wireless unit and is not included in the price, let me know if you are want it too and we can work out a good deal). It is incredibly accurate, very responsive and easy to use. Will come racked in the SKB rack case. Danalectro French Toast - $25 (don't have a picture of my pedal.. looks like the one on musicians friend!) This is an octave/distortion pedal. Great tones to play with. I never used this live, so it just sat on my desk while I fiddled with the settings. It will come with the clear knob-protector (not pictured). Line 6 Floor POD - SOLD Pretty straight forward little unit. USed for recording and that's about it. Will come in original box. Shipping won't cost much.. so let me know if you are interested and we can work it all out! If you think my prices are too high, let me know as well. -jon
  4. Hey guys: The other guitar player in an old band I played in has a Sennheiser G2 guitar wireless unit. Since the band is no longer together, this piece of gear is just sittind around in a SKB rack waiting for someone else to out it to good use. It's in the 500 mhz range, so you're free from the FCC wireless frequency grab. It's in great shape and was only used at a hand full of shows. It has spent it's entire life racked in the skb case with a Korg tuner. It will come racked in the SKB shallow case with the rack mounting plate. The Korg tuner is not included in this price, but is also for sale. If you want it too, just let me know and we can bundle it all together! Here are some pics: ***** EDIT: Price drop to $300****** Paypal preferred. -jon
  5. Up for sale is my Schecter 007 Elite. I had a buyer, but he backed out so we are back at it! This is the original version of the 007 elite, which means it has dual humbuckers instead of a a hum/single configuration. The 'buckers are tapped, so you can get that nice clean sparkly sound if you want it. Otherwise, all standard info applies. Here's some pics! If you'd like more pics with a little harsher lighting to help show the condition more, just say the word! It's been gigged a few times so it has a ding here or there. It'll come in a nice Gibson gig bag. It's already boxed up and ready to go, so $425 (shipping to CONUS probably will cost around $30), and it is yours! -jon
  6. Hey Dave! I have oen that I'm most likley goign to be partign with here shortly. Are you still looking?
  7. Last year our band purchased this multitrack recorder to work on song ideas and record practices. It stayed at our church/rehearsal space the few times we used it. Well, the band has moved on and those of us still around use different recording tools now. So it is time to pass this on to someone who can use it more! This is a Fostex MR8 HD CD multitrack recorder. A full list of the features can be found here: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fostex-MRHDCD-8-track-Recorder-with-CDR?sku=247120 but here's a sampling: -Recording to 40GB internal 3.5" HD offering more than 15 hours 8-track recording with CD quality (16bit / 44.1kHz) -4-track simultaneous recording -Phantom power on all the four XLR inputs -Full-track (8-track) bouncing to a New Song (track 7/8) 128 x 64 dot LCD with comprehensive indication -Industry-first FAT32 disk format and WAV file recording in the HD multitrack recorder of this class; PC-friendly advantage -USB port for stereo WAV file transfer to and from PC allowing the full access to the whole HD from PC -S/P DIF Digital Out for digital mastering on an external MD, CD recorder, etc. -Built-in digital effects including Reverb, Delay as well as Guitar Amp and -Microphone simulations -Analog Guitar Distortion with the dedicated knob This is in great shape, saw very limited use and served us well. We're looking to save you a over some dough. $260 + shipping. It'll ship with the original manual and box.
  8. Up for sale is the following: Korg DT-1000 rack tuner (black) Sennheiser Guitar Wireless SKB roto-molded shallow rack These pieces have spent their life racked together and have served our band well. They have been used sporadically, but always with great success. This tuner is my favorite tuner I've ever had, and the wireless unit is fantastic. The wireless unit comes attached to the rack mounting accessory. The unit itself is in the 500mhz band.. so you are safe from the upcoming wireless frequency grab of he 700 mhz band by the FCC in February. The SKB rack is incredibly durable and light. It has been stenciled with our band logo on the top, but add a little black paint and it's ready for a new logo! Here's some pics: We're looking for $425 obo for all of it. This would make a killer present! A great wireless rack/tuner setup all ready to go.
  9. Well my price range isn't that high right now. I'm still tryign to figure out what they cost! What woudl you recommend as a price range to begin looking at? This is a guitar to explore with for now... not a "must have" for my sound yet. -jon
  10. anyone have one? even something like the avante baritone would be great!
  11. is there anything in particular you are considering for trades?
  12. cool man. I know the Duncan Designed pickups don't get all the laurels, but I actually like them quite a bit! But, to each his own. If there is anything else you want to know about the guitar, just let me know! Best of luck to you.
  13. IF you are considering Schecter 7 strings, I've got a 007 elite up for trade! it is the olderversion with the dual humbuckers. Let me know if that interests you at all.
  14. I like the podxt live for delays... considering you can setup dozens of patches you can throw a different type of delay on each. But that's just my thoughts! Good luck.
  15. Thanks for the offer, but not quite what I need. Thanks though!
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