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  1. It didn't like the infinity bit. I had to do the 1.0 / 0.0 thing. It displayed 1.#INF and from what I can tell that should be the same thing. Other than that, I think it does what it should. I've just been going thru looking up everything you did there. I can't find much about the sip = &si line. I kinda knew about the formatting part, but that would have been one of my next questions. Thanks for the help, I've already learned tons! The sip = &si line is taking the address of variable si and storing that address in sip. &si can be read as "the address of si." I hope that clears it up a little for you. I'm a recent graduate of an Electronics and Computer Engineering program. You're not learning C to be a computer programmer. You're learning C because it is basically a hardware level language. When you start getting into microcontrollers (if you haven't already), you'll start looking at C differently. It's not just a language, it's a tool for designing and controlling hardware.
  2. It's a safety device who's functionality can never be verified. What a great safety device...
  3. i've never had a problem with playing in dorms. in fact, last year I had my vjr stack in my dorm. never had any complaints when i cranked it. my dorms have quiet hours, and any time outside those quiet hours, you can be as loud as you want, regardless if anybody complains.
  4. I wouldn't want to drink with him because he would do all the talking. I am not sure why more people don't get how "self-absorbed" and "into himself" he is. That doesn't make a good friend or lover, does it??
  5. Foo Fighters? I didn't know if they were still around now that Grohl's in Them Crooked Vultures
  6. Isn't there anyone young who can draw a crowd without Autotuned vocals or being too obscene for a halftime show? Pearl Jam and RHCP might fit the bill.
  7. they should go back to marching bands. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
  8. Or even Rush?? Man, I would love to see that. Just imagine, 20 minutes of Rush instrumentals. I was disappointed by The Who
  9. if they're so bad, why are we talking about them? gotta be doing something right... :poke:
  10. i haven't been playing very long, only about 4 years. in fact, when i bought this thing new, the only thing i cared about was its rated watts. i didn't take into consideration anything else. i consider purchasing this amp a mistake i wish i never made. if it was lost or stolen, i'd be happy that i have an excuse to buy something better. in fact, i'm currently in the process of replacing this amp. i will be buying an epi valve jr half stack and putting this thing somewhere out of the way.
  11. For the money, i will say you will not be able to find anything better than this guitar. For $150, this guitar can easily match and $500 Epi, and even fool some people into thinking that it's a Giby. Keep in mind that i wrote this guitar compared to a yamaha eg-112, and that i've never owned an Epi or a Gibson. I've played both, but never owned. My guess would be that if i owned a Gibson, than the numbers would be lower, however, if i owned a gibson, i would have never purchases this guitar. with that in mind, i think this is a great guitar for anybody who can't afford a super high quality guitar such as a gibson, or is just a begginner, or wants to take a step up from the cheap first guitar that they bought when they first started to learn.
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