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  1. {censored}, almost everything written so far has been so informative.. 'blue2blue', your post in particular was helpful. And in regards to the tape thing, It's a really cool prospect to have a tape machine at home. But for me personally I'm also looking to have a computer to program beats and perhaps use live at some point... Keep it coming, by all means..
  2. Hi.. I know this is a classic topic, but since the computer-world (no pun intended) is ever changing I would like some input from you peaple regarding my recording-dilemma I'm saving for a laptop computer to use for home recordings and although I've been a guitar player for quite some time I am very new to the whole 'home recording' thing. I was going to buy some kind of Mac laptop to use with a MBox and ProTools (and perhaps some Focusrite pre-amp) like every other home-musician seems to be doing, but then my PC loving friends started telling me about how there has been an unfair smear campain against PC laptops and how they can do everything a Mac can do.. etc. etc. I really want to make an informed decicion. I just want to record music in my room without having to fight with my computer all the time. What are your thoughts dear Harmony-Centralists? What kind of laptop can/should I use to record music in ProTools and record beats? thanks..
  3. Hello friends.. I wanted to get your opinion on transparent overdrives. I
  4. Originally posted by elctmist What setting are you using on the Fuzzprobe? I've never had a problem cutting though with mine. I try to keep the stab knob up, around 3 o
  5. Hey, thanks everyone for your advise.. I might check out my fuzzes w/ a compressor.. ..and yes, there are two guitarists in my group. I agree with you Weatherbox, I sometimes turn my Foxey Fuzz way up to make it cut through and sound decent (and unfortunately.. ridiculous!). We definitely try to be democratic in terms of guitar volume, EQ etc. - But it
  6. I actually have a nice ts clone that I run after the Fuzz Probe, but it seems to affect the overall tone (and not just the mids) a little to much to my liking.. Perhaps an EQ would be a safer bet..
  7. Nirvana made me pick up a guitar, but I really don
  8. I´ve had some bad luck with OD/distortion boxes. I´ve tried the Boss DS-2 (which was completely atonal), the ProCo Rat (which looses too much bottom and has a harsh top), as well as many TS clones which sounded alright.. but a bit stompboxy and dull. The Super Charged Overdrive is anything but dull, and definetly doesn´t sound stompboxy. It sound more like my guitar is melting with my amp, without loosing bass or sounding harsh. This can probably be attributed to the Contour knob which doesn´t do the damage a tone knob does. The Contour knob works more like a prescence control on an amp. This means that you can (and should) control the sound of your SCOD by a) Changing your amps EQ b) Rolling off your guitars volume and / or tone knobs c) Switching pickups! d) Changing your picking style / strumming on different parts of the guitar I am very happy with my SCOD. It´s different, musical, responsive and the price is right! I play my own music in the pop/rock vein (And when I say pop I mean pop like the Beatles as opposed to the more American talentless-girls-miming-shaking-tits-and-ass-for-money kind of pop). This fits the bill! I´m using a Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul DC into various amps. Effects include the Z. Vex Fuzz Probe, Boss DD-3, Digitech Whammy, Ernie Ball volume pedal, Catalinbread Super Chile Picoso and now the Super Charged Overdrive.. I know good tone when I hear it, and I haven´t stopped playing with my SCOD since it came in the mail. My fingertips are actually hurting right now, wich is something that hasn´t happened since I started playing many years ago Very inspiring!
  9. I play mostly rock music and it´s perfect for that grunge sound! But for something completely different you should really give it a try! Just bring your own guitar to the guitarshop and check it out so there will be no unpleasent suprises!
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