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  1. If this said Fractal on it people would be wondering how they made it so cheap. I expect what we basically have here is an AxeFX in floorboard form, which, I think, is infinitely more useful. I have three predictions about the Helix: 1. It will sound amazing 2. It will get great reviews 3. It will still get ignored by the vast majority of guitar players unless some Hipster McPasticglasses guy ends up using one in his live rig and he gets featured on Premier Guitar. Line 6 has made some legit great gear (the M series multis, their G series wireless) and there's no doubt they have the R&D resources to make a seriously pro-quality multi processor, but they'll always have a hard time shedding the negative vibes about their amp modelling. I remember PODs were huge when they came out in the early 2000's but then at some point they got associated with metal and then all of the sudden everyone was back to Deluxe Reverbs and tube screamers and then the boutique wave came in hard. Cork-sniffers will say "digital doesn't have the breathy compression of analog" about the Helix while they spend three grand on an AxeFX II. It's also possible that they've just shot for a higher price point to make it seem like more premium, boutique-style gear.
  2. Guitar Center and Sam Ash is about it for me. Haven't had a bad experience yet using Craigslist but now that I think of it no pedals. Very rarely see interesting pedals on my local CList and when there is something other than a tuner, MT-2 or DD-3 it's always way overpriced, like $5 under retail for a $150 box. I can get better prices using sale codes on Prymaxe. I've sold a few on eBay but haven't bought any there.
  3. I have the overdrive, fuzz, and phaser. Rumor has it they are a rebadged series of Biyang pedals. They're solid for what they are - sound decent, quiet, true bypass - but they're not going to have much in the way of resale value and there's nothing really special or unique about the effects themselves. I'd put them along the same lines as Joyo for simple, straightforward basic effects with good build quality. Any higher price point than that there's more interesting options out there.
  4. Awesome guitar! I wish I had gotten a Masterbilt back when they first came out and had the full line but I wasn't in acquisition mode back then. Now the only ones being sold regularly are the GC ones with the cutaway which I just don't like aesthetically. I've never seen a used one for sale locally. I did just get a Yamaha LS6 which is my first acoustic in a long time and I'm enjoying it. It's making me think about getting an all solid wood box but I need to get better and learn more acoustic-appropriate songs.
  5. I wonder if there's any appreciable difference between this and the TS808 Reissue they already did aside from the smaller box and "limited edition." The only actual 'screamer I've ever owned is the TS9DX which is a great pedal, but I don't get why every company out there needs to have at least one clone/variant, most of which claim to be the most "authentic" "vintage" version. I guess I would trust Ibanez to get their own circuit right.
  6. Pigtronix OFO (is that cheating?) and Way Huge Echo Puss. Those are pretty much the only two pedals I'm using right now anyway except for a tuner.
  7. Awesome! I have the Germ4, Tone Wicker, and Deluxe BBM. Had a Holy Stain but the way it was set up was just too nonsensical. Non-EHX Muff style I have an Akai (Biyang) fuzz, Swollen Pickle, and OFO Disnortion (not really a muff but I can sorta get there). Off topic, I guess, but how do you like the Soul Preacher? I'm thinking about getting a small-box comp but there's a lot out there to choose from.
  8. I was literally just thinking last night that I wish I had a big muff with an integrated noise gate. I won't be able to listen to the video until I get home from work but it sounds like the gate and the mid control is going to make this a must buy. Some places have this listed with a presale price of £74.99, which would put it right around $125. Sounds good to me.
  9. How do you like the Epitome? I've had my eye on it but really hesitating about dropping $300+. I get that buying all three pedals separately would be like $500, but still. I've seen a lot of reviews slagging the digital Electric Mistress but I recently got a Neo Mistress and love it.
  10. Instinct says A, but if the light is just right octave up and slooooooooow flanger makes the world go round.
  11. New pedal month! Buncha new things came in and now that I'm looking around at all the stuff I've gotten in the past few months I'm thinking it may be time to cool it on buying new pedals for a little while. Anyway, here's a terrible picture and some thoughts on the new stuff. Echo Puss - My first analog delay. Does what it does really well. Not hearing a world of difference from what I could do with the modulated setting on my Digidelay, but maybe need to try A/Bing it to get a better feel. Great to have so much control, though. More delays should have a tone knob. Fat Sandwich - I may have just not spent enough time with this one yet, but it's been surprising me...in all the wrong ways. I really thought a distortion with eight knobs would get a wide range of sound, but it somehow always sits right in a midrangey, high-gain classic-rockish sound. Not necessarily a bad thing and if I was in a Rush cover band it would be sweet, but that's just not a tone I use often. On the plus side, it should cut through well in a band setting and it sounds pretty good after an octave down with the Resonance turned up. I might try it on bass. Neo Mistress - Seems to get some hate for being digital (A/D hybrid, according to EHX), but it sounds good to me. Filter matrix mode is pretty much useless in an actual musical setting, but fun to play with. Bigshot EFX - Passive loop switcher. Not much to say, but built like a tank made of bricks. Would buy again. AW-3 - Plugged it for guitar for a little while but it's just too much fun on bass. Humanizer setting adds some fuzz, which is odd but makes for a very very different sound than the straight wah. On my to-buy list is an expression pedal to get some more out of the AW-3 and PS-6. Maybe a Q-tron, too. EHX Epitome looks pretty solid. And the new Echolution. Here we go again.
  12. Good god, that '55. The '59 is nice, too, but I'm just not a fan of doublecut LPs. I might have had a special to contribute if I hadn't just bought a house. There was a cherry singlecut special with p90s at my local guitar center on sale for $550 for the last couple of months but I needed to save for the downpayment and my wife would have buried me. Sure enough, as soon as we close I take a look and it's gone. The new melody makers look alright, but no binding...bummer.
  13. Nice setup, man. A really good strat is the one key item missing from my guitar collection. Someone turned me off of Egnater amps early on, but they keep sticking out in the back of my mind. If I'm not mistaken, there's only one preamp and you just switch between 6L6 and EL34 power amps, right? Is there a noticeable difference at low volumes or does each really show its colors when you push the master volume it into power tube breakup? Do gain pedals react differently to each? Sorry for the list of questions - I've compared 6L6 to EL34 amps before but they were always completely different amps so I think it's a more fair comparison if they share the same preamp, tone stack, speaker, etc.
  14. Not to mention they're asking people to pay $400 to listen to FLACs - FREE Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC playback software can be downloaded completely free. Granted, I don't know if any current portable devices can get to the right bitrate.
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