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  1. Great shape. Looking for a good tele neck pickup. Thanks shane
  2. Originally Posted by lowbrow Oh and the trimmer looks like its about where it needs to be, so i'd wager its all good. The knob I lableded fuzz was labeled attack on the originals. Probably a mistake on my part because its all fuzz all the time with these. That knob, to some degree, effects the timbre of the fuzz tone but it also influences how the pedal responds to changes in guitar volume and pick attack. If you search FZ-1 on YouTube you'll hear plenty of demos, including a original recorded in 1962. Note how it sounds and reacts nothing like, say, a Fuzz Face. This is correct. My ignorance was the issue :-[
  3. I sent you a pm lowbrow. Thanks Shane!
  4. need help finding who built this I have some questions. Thanks!
  5. the originals did use aa batteries, this one runs on power from my t-rex power supply. Still would love to know if this is normal or if there is something wrong, not a lot of these pedals in my area to try out (meaning none). _Shane
  6. I have a maestro fz-1 clone that I recently got but it seems the fuzz control doesn't work. The pedal works fine except I can't adjust the gain level and I "think" it should be able to. I tested the pot and it's find and all the connections seem to be fine. I took my soldering iron to all the connections and they seem solid.
  7. I have an mxr classic distortion and a dano cool cat drive v2 I would trade. Pm if interested.
  8. title says it all, I am in need of a good tele bride pickup for my peavey generation exp I just got. Trading only and thanks for looking. Pickup is the blues version and is a bridge pickup. _Shane
  9. $1???? Kidding, I used to have one of these and it's a killer amp. One of the better clean channels out there and that second channel just slays. Sounds way too good for that price!
  10. Depending on the pedals I would be for partial possibly.
  11. Any interest in a '78 MusicMan RP 112 amp? with roadcase No sorry, i'm not a combo guy at all. Thanks though!
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