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  1. I'm looking for a device that has preset backing tracks (drums & bass, at a minimum) that I can play along to, preferably with the ability to change keys at will. I have a GDEC Jr. that does this, but tracks are limited and the amp is mediocre. The Pandora PX5D appearantly fits the bill but has a lot of modeling and effects which I don't need (I love the tone of my Vox Pathfinder). Is there a unit that just gives you a load of backing tracks that you can change keys and tempos on? Without paying for digital modeling and effects that sound like poo? And if the Pandora is my only option can someone tell me if complete tracks come preloaded? Some of the reviews make it sound like I have to string together a lot of bits and pieces to make a track, then save it. I'm really just looking for some simple 12 bar blues and classic rock type stuff to jam along to with a minimum of fiddling around.
  2. Originally posted by 1esotericguy Holy {censored}! What happened in here. Just put on 10's or 11's and be done. If the neck gets wacky, turn the truss. It's a Brownsville right? I'm not familiar with those I don't think. Is it the house brand at Sam Ashe? Either way, it'll survive a string change. Go for it! 9's suck! Good instincts - change em. Oddly enough I posted this OVER A YEAR AGO on 6/25/2005! Weird when your old threads get bumped and turn into flame wars. And how much difference does a year make? I'm playing with 11's now and loving every minute of it. I seemed so timid with that new guitar, it almost seems kindo of cute now Thanks for the nostalgia trip guys
  3. The "Contemporary Series" also includes the Coloramas, solid body guitars with either P90s or mini humbuckers. They've been on sale for $199.99 at Musician's Friend for a while now. Reviews seem to indicate nice build quality for the money. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1262470&highlight=colorama http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1254719&highlight=colorama I don't expect these to rival the German made stuff in terms of build quality, but it should be solid. Aesthetics are where it's at: right shape, right woodgrain, right color. They obviously went with a whiter pearloid and small black knobs to differentiate it visually. This could be easily changed for the purists however. I think Hofner is smart. They don't want to hurt themselves on the higher end stuff, but they want to put a butt whooping on Rogue and Turser. They might've considered making a more accurate copy under a different brand name, ala a Epi Les Paul or Squier Strat. Perhaps a "Macca - by Hofner" with a larger headstock I do hope these don't turn up on eBay for $1,799.99 just because they've got $50 worth of new plastic on them. Also, it'll be interesting to see what that center block does. Most common Hofner complaints are "no sustain" and "neck heavy". This thing may well end up being a real versatile bass.
  4. Originally posted by betal fan BTW...I looked on Music 123 and couldn't find this anywhere. I have seen it before only available thru another music company. It wasn't referred to as the "Contemporary". Go to http://www.music123.com/ On the right hand side you'll see "SHOP" with several links underneath it. Click on You'll see a form for "QUICK ITEM ENTRY" Enter 360455 under "Catalog #" and click "Add to Cart" "Hofner Violin Bass (Sunburst)" will be added to your cart with a price of $299.99 They're due in within 2-3 weeks I believe, so the product page isn't up yet, but you can preorder one. Here's a link that will answer all of your questions about the cheaper parts: http://www.vintagebass.com/thedudepit/showthread.php?t=12528 Basically the Chinese made such a perfect copy that Hofner forced them to "cheapen it up" a bit so as not to render their pricey German models obsolete. It's a fascinating read really. If you removed the pickguard and changed the control panel and knobs (as many have done to their Rogues) you'd be 99% Hofner accurate, versus 75% or so if you start out with a yellow, flamey, mishapen Rogue (which I mean in the nicest way possible ). The Rogues are great as instruments in their own right, but they aren't very good copies of a Hofner in my opinion. Anyway, it's just something I wanted to pass along since I hadn't heard them mentioned on here before. Have a nice day
  5. Originally posted by betal fan I'm sorry! But that's a Rogue look alike. I think all of us are trying to make our Rogue's look like Hofners and now they are making Hofners look like Rogues. The price is horrible for a Rogue looke alike. Just buy a Rogue!!!!!!!!!!! With all due respect... ...I really must disagree I've also found out that these are "ON ORDER" at Music123 (part #360455) with a retail of $299.99. I guess that's exchange rates at work or something
  6. You guys might consider the Hofner "Contemporary Series" violin bass. It is an authorized Hofner copy made in China. It even has a center block, which should increase sustain and balance out the neck heaviness. Problem is I can't find an American distributor, but some UK stores are selling it for £ 429.99 (or about $792.43 in American dollars). That's about $1,000 dollars less than a German made version. Hofner Product Description UK Retailer that sells the bass And another UK store
  7. The Epiphone is quite a bit more expensive than the Rogue, isn't it? About twice as much in fact, so I'd be interested to know if the pickups are different at all.
  8. You know what this thread really needs? PICTURES! Seriously, I'd like to see some of these Rogues after they've been "Hofnerized"
  9. Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe I find that using a good (and fairly wide) strap helps, as does keeping your right arm (assuming you're using a right handed model Rogue) on the body in the playing position when you remove your left hand from the instrument is enough to keep the neck from dropping away from you. True. Yet for me half of the Hofner vibe comes from pairing it up with a skinny brown "Vintage Style" strap with the movable shoulder pad. I just can't picture one without the other.
  10. I guess I'll just try putting some 10's on and see what happens. Worst case scenario is I'll have to take it somewhere for a pro setup, but I think I can consult some online sources for tips on adjusting the truss rod and fixing the intonation. Gotta be a first time for everything, and I can't sit around and wonder what 10's feel like forever.
  11. I've just got a new guitar (Brownsville GG5) which came strung with D'Addario 9's, and I can't help but be a little annoyed with the extreme floppiness of the strings. This is probably just because I'm used to playing an acoustic, but I'd still like a little more stiffness. Obviously, the easiest thing would be to put on some 10's. But I'm looking at the plastic nut and I don't think they would fit. I could be wrong, but the current strings look like they're pretty damn snug. I'm also worried that the higher guage strings will bow the neck, create fret buzz, and mess up the intonation. I know these are all correctable but as an electric guitar newbie it's all a little intimidating. Are there any tricks that can easily create more string tension with 9 guage strings? The only thing I could think of was wrapping the strings around the stopbar (by feeding them in backwards and then coming back over the top) but that may be a terrible idea for all I know. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  12. Mystery solved (I think)! I wonder why I never thought to consult Hofner's website back in January when I started this thread? In any case, this may be the only guitar in exixtence that requires a dedicated set of instructions to attach the strap! http://www.hofner.com/instruments_details.asp?ID=709
  13. Well I'm glad I posted this. Fascinating subject, no? As near as I can figure the Hofner's neck was not glued to the body at the heel in the traditional manner. Rather, they left a small gap, with the neck being attached between the fretboard and the front of the body. This would seem to be a rather delicate situation in terms of sturdiness, but after 40 years it's still his main bass! Seems like it would've been a hell of a lot easier to just put a couple of strap pins on though.
  14. Okay, so I know his Hofner didn't come stock with strap buttons. And I pretty much understand how he dog clipped one end of his strap to the bridge. But what the hell is going on with the other end? Every picture/description I've seen seems to suggest around the heel and UNDER the fretboard. How do you wedge a strap under your fretboard? No guitar I've ever seen would allow that to occur physically. Anyone know how he did it?
  15. Damn those crafty Britons. Why couldn't I just idolize someone crappy! And Your Bird Can Sing rules by the way. I remember the first time I heard it I couldn't believe it wasn't a huge hit for them.
  16. Okay, I've been playing for a few months now and I feel it's time I finally try to add an actual song to my repertoire. For that honor I have nominated the immortal Beatles classic "Paperback Writer." Why? Well, it's one of my favorite songs, maybe #1. And that guitar riff is the reason I decided to learn guitar this summer. Yep, THE reason. I told myself "If I can learn nothing else but the main riff from Paperback Writer, I'll die a happy man." Well, by chance it also turns out that this song only uses 2 chords (C plus G or G7, depending on where I look), making it an excellent candidate for a beginner's song. Problem is I don't know what to do. I mean, I sing the acapella bit, I play the riffb a couple of times, and then it's "Dear Sir or Madam...", but what do I play? I tried just strumming the chords, but it seems all flat and boring and wrong. Could anyone one lend a noob a hand and tell him how to play the rhythm part on Paperback Writer?
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