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  1. i beg to differ on fuzz.. while some do have the buzzsaw effect (particularly if the guitarist doesn't know why there's knobs on their guitar) a fuzz can be far more versatile than an overdrive or a distortion, because it's interactive with the guitar. most dirt boxes will just get muddy when you turn your guitar down, and the distortion change is minimal. do it with a decent fuzzface, and you will get myriad shades of tonal colors, from "cleaner than clean" to all out filth. of course it is relative to the player, but tho distortion and overdrive pretty much sound like what they are, fuzz is a completely different animal. peace.
  2. hi craig, great article (as usual)... you touched on something i've done too, normalizing phrase by phrase, which i've done for years. i tend to like open source audacity, but pretty much any daw you can use my trick. instead of normalizing, which can add noise, try this trick: use the amplify tool/command, and DE-amplify stuff with it... that way, you can nuke volume issues, with less noise.. and further, you can use it on individual spikes...instead of a compressor or limiter, just de-amplify it... you can zero in on problem spots, and turn them down. i used this a lot to be able to get insanely loud mixes without adding noise, or transient spikes i'd get from using plugins. i know it sounds stupid, but try it sometime, it works.. if you have a spike somewhere, just zoom in on the waveform, highlight it, and turn it down 4 to 6 db, or whatever it takes... kinda like manual compression. peace! pinkjimiphoton
  3. then it must be a faithful clone ! THe Dallas Rangemaster has a popping on/off switch but why does it pop ? I also have a faithful clone of the Dallas Rangemaster, a vintage FAL treble booster and it doesn't even have a switch, just plug and play that noisy bastard pedal sorry to bump a zombie back to life, but hey bieke, i just bought a FAL treble booster on evilbay, but someone gutted it. any chance you could snap me a couple gut shots of yours? a shot of the trace side would make my day, bro...thanks, i really wanna try and restore this thing. peace jimi
  4. jrak, awaken! and howlin' magic...all the one and only.
  5. yes, that is the one....and thankfully only...jrak. he's pawn'ng robopimp in these videos behold his mad genious, and despair! lol
  6. [video=youtube;d9OAhIF1E-A] hey robo...you feeling that cold drip of sweat running down your back to the crakc of your a'ss yet? lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. fist world problems...lol.. [video=youtube;gp-KkEnjPoM] proof of the oh, so subtle genius that is jrak
  8. sorry to bump a zombie thread, but be very careful with the trimpot, it's stupid easy to break and can lead to a whole {censored}load of de-bugging. once i got mine workin' again, i put a drop of my girlfriends nail goo on it so it wouldn't {censored} up. not sayin' it'll happen to YOU, but it happened to ME...
  9. does it have the summing board and stuff? still available? thanks dude...
  10. thanks bob, just pay 'em forward to the next one of us out here that gets stuck in this {censored}ed up situation please...blessings
  11. thanks, long time gone, but seems like yesterday...again, more for the old timers here...blessings..
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