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  1. well this is the second one i baught the reason being is cause my first one came up missing i own over 300 pedals i was so distrauf=ght and missed the sound of it i waited till i saw a good price on one and baught it i love and would buy another if the one came up missing
  2. i finnaly scored one of these on ebay for a good price i seen pedal dealers sell the for 145 cause they say its it the most rare dod pedal out i dont know if thats true but the reverb on this unit is awesome dod should thing about coming out with another one i think it could give eh holy grail a run for the money but the dod cant quite get a fender or vox spring reverb sound it more lushy delay rooom reverb sound
  3. i was sooo happy to finally have gotten this pedal i searced high and low for over 14 months (i need to get a life) anyways the type of music i play is well this is how i describe it if the bands 311 and coal chamber were to have sex and nine months later out pops a kid and that kid plays in a band when he grows up well that band would sound like my band PAREL-FIVE ANYWAYS GETTIN BACK TO THE PEDAL IF IT WERE STOLEN you better hope the cops get to you before i do it is one of my top fav distortion pedals i will definaly be using this alot in my pedalboard
  4. i own every kind of distortion pedal known to mankind i thought i would never spend this much on a pedal cause i thought it was all hype but let me tell ya its not even the ts9mods dont sound this good i heard mine that has the malasia chip is one of more saught after ones cause it sounds more warmer than the other ones u know everone has those days when their in a rut and dont feel like playin but this pedal makes you want to get up jam now i see why these things are going for so much
  5. i love this pedal and clad i baught one when i did i just saw 2 of these go for 110 a piece on ebay the other day
  6. i do like this pedal probebly cause i am so freaked that it is made out of metal the distortion like i said is a trebly type of distortion i dont think ill keep this as my main distortion box but it is nice to break out and play some indutrial music
  7. i recorded my bands cd using this amp DYFUNKTION i own a jcm 800 and vox but i used this one if that tell u how good it is
  8. jim hoer

    DOD FX33 Buzz Box

    i been playin for 20 yrs and would use this pedal to play harder stuff i am thinking about buying a bacup since these thing are gettin rare i cant compare it to nothin right now its in a class all it own i do like the modified switch it has it is going to help me create new and intresting new music
  9. i play jazzy funky harcore metal my fav band is 311 i own over 200 pedals so i haVE MANY ECHOS TO CHOOSE FROM i would say this is my fav even over the dan echo i have never lost a pedal but if it was stolen the guy better hope the cops get to him before i do i really dont hate anything about this pedal xcept it should have true bypass and should be made outta sumthin besides plastic it is sooo easy to get a good sound out of it im going to be using it alot
  10. jim hoer

    Boss OC-2 Octave

    i play 311 meets soundgarden meets ratm and i need this pEDAL to meet the diverse sounds i want to get its great clean sounding octave pedal it goes two octaves up or down the dod octoplus only goes one
  11. i mostly play 311 meets soundgarden meets ratm type music so i love the very diverse sounds i can get from it from the octave sounds to the chorused delays detune etc i cerently have a zoom 505 expession pedal hoked up to it and use it to make whammy sound u know a year ago i probebly would have not praised this pedal this much but since i got the manual im glad i did get this pedaL
  12. great pedal i am glad i got it it just adds to my tone i will be using this one alot
  13. well ive said enough about how goodthis pedal is let me tell u its way better than the dod or boss aw2 i just recently baught a ibanez af9 auto filter they said that ones the best i have not tried it yet but this guyatone is the best for its price range u can get a very wide range of sounds out of it
  14. overall i really like this pedal i wish it were in better shape but im glad i got it if i got a good deal on another one id get it i really like the 9 series pedals out of all the ibanez lines the soundtanks and the 10 series i think are not bulit as well and dont sound as good as the 9 series
  15. like i said i know u should never give a product this much praise but i have not one complaint on the sound or contruction of this pedal it sounds awesome thanx boss for making a great pedal this is the best phasor out there hands down
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