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  1. So far I was unable to find a better amp. I'll let you know the moment I find another one to compare with this beauty.
  2. arman-2

    MK Guitars Invader

    This is the first guitar I sleep with, don't you sleep with your guitar?
  3. That is one kind of the guitar, with a lots of character, designed for top pro players. It's got a sole and performance.
  4. I don't own one (yet), but I have ordered one. I tried it in the shop in Europe (couldn't buy it, only test), stayed there whole afternoon, they had to kick me out to close the shop. Couln't leave the amp.
  5. This is very expensive guitar and only few can afford it. But it makes hell of a difference compared to any Tele I played, and is worth any penny you spend. One piece of advise: if you are rich beginner, don't buy it unless you buy it as a collector. It is pitty not to be played by someone who can make some use of such a fine instrument.
  6. I tried some other MK amps and some of their guitars. These instruments are custom handmade for top professionals and collectors. They all look and sound like a million bucks.
  7. One of the kind amp for top pro players.
  8. They brought the guitar playing to entirely other level. I owned and still own tons of gear, and must admit that this superb instrument I have never tried before. One free advice ... try their amps too!
  9. Incredible amp for the money.
  10. Overall top class amp that can suit almost any playing style. Great both for live and studio.
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