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  1. I'm not at liberty to release any details. It's pretty obvious though, and with a little Googling one can figure it out. I asked in your other thread if torrent is a safe download to read the files so...
  2. I'm running a xxx speaker in my classic 30,sounds good to me
  3. Hey Jc,this is kinda strange to me cause I dont belong to any one forum over the other.It's like forum segregation. jus wierd man
  4. I tried out a Fender Vibro champ which is 5 watts valve and thought it was absolutely amazing. It has onboard effects of good quality. The oboard reverb and chorus is particularly useful as they are a feature of most of my clean guitar sounds and some of my overdriven ones You can power an external speaker with it also. Only real criticisms are; .Noy having much bottom end although this should not really be a problem in a band situation. Only if you play solo guitar you really need it. As you can power an external speaker cabinet with it, I suspect this will not be a problem. Also, it has a something like 20 differnet 'voicings' which make the amp quite flexible. As far as I could see these were differnet gain, overdrive and EQ settings. However, there is no way to switch between these with a footswitch. The ability to do that would make the amp far more self-sufficent. Anyway, concidering the price, sound quality and features it has. I plan to buy one My friend also owns a Laney VC15 and it appears to be very good. Possibly worth checking out that one also. Thanks,I'll check the fender out,we dont see many laneys around here another plus for the blackheart is the 3 different 4,8,16 ohm outs for ext cabs and I like the crate blue voodoo series and hear good things about crate
  5. looking for a practice size,like 5 watts or so,anybody have any experience with the Crate "Blackheart" or a nice other brand in the 250$ range ? thanks
  6. unplug..pull old tubes,install new JJs
  7. I have one and made a matching ext cab for it...sounds mighty good
  8. a classic 30 would'nt do that shoulda listened
  9. I'm on my second RP350 so this thread caught my eye.I bought the 1st one about 4-5 years ago and about yr 2 I started having trouble with the footswitches not working.I figured out how to shim the switches so they would work,but it did,nt last and I was opening the unit too often to correct this problem.I liked all the features it offered but got fed up with the "cheap" microswitch/foot switch assembly..the mnfg should really upgrade those switches !!! I finally basically got rid of the unit for 50 bucks and showed the guy how to reshim the footswitches..he was happy with it for the money. Afew weeks later I found another one on ebay-NIB unopened and won it for 100.00 I got the newer "Artist" version and so far it's been reliable,but I wonder if anyone else has had any problems with the footswitches on these things? great info thread btw !!
  10. from what you describe,even though they may only be a few months old..it does sound like a tube caused problem.If there is a place nearby to have them tested,I would give that a try.
  11. Peavey classic 30 but you have to like tone
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