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  1. Wow, that sucks. M13 > M9 M9 = Multi Fx + nightlamp. FTW.
  2. Also no can has off switch, this thing keeps blinking at night in teh room.
  3. Will 2.01 have some sample artist scenes? Like the Edge, police. i loved those on the m13.
  4. The CC Trem beats any trem I have used so far.
  5. Well, the first trick is that you have to have the latest V2.x software installed. Once that is done when in Scene select mode, you the model select encoder and it's really obvious which folder you're in on the display. Thanks, stilwel. Will do so as soon as I get the Midi cable.
  6. How do I select a different scene folder? And would the LED indicate which folder is current? It says turn the model select knob in scene select mode. Nothing happens. Is there some trick to it? I have Version 1.01 loaded.
  7. I know this has probably been asked before BUT.... can the Ernie Ball Jr. Volume pedal work as an expression pedal with the M9? and if so would you have to do the whole stereo cable configuration or would a regular mono patch cable work? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?p=36950908#post36950908
  8. Such great sounding pedals. Such horrible layout design and casing.
  9. See if you can find their show on Austin City. Very good!
  10. Any news if it is available in Canada, yet?
  11. Arsenal. But they allow soft goals which will be a huge problem in the knockout stages.
  12. In music theory what does the term dominant imply? Can someone tell me what it means relating to chords or scales? Is there an opposite of dominant? Thanks
  13. I heard 499 {censored}! 1 US = 1.05 CDN.
  14. So , how much is it going to be in Canada? Any canucks bought it? Locally or from US.
  15. Casual environment, but people on TGP are very knowledgeable (and stiff).
  16. I use the Ernie Ball 25k Rugged and has a nice sweep to it methinks. Thanks. Which one exactly? http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ernie-Ball-VP-Junior-25K-Active-Volume-Pedal-?sku=152108 or http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ernie-Ball-Stereo-25k-Pedal?sku=152104 2nd one is pricey.
  17. So, is there a consensus as to the best expression pedal for M9? I have used the Line 6 pedal before with MM4 and while it worked fine it didnt seem sturdy enough. I would go for the best available. Can someone list or summarize?
  18. As much as I would like to get it, I will wait for used or if online retailers have a sale on it. I will get it for 300 and no more either way.
  19. How about $50 coupons for HC users to get us started on the M9?
  20. I am considering going back to M13.
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