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    DOD R-880 Dual Delay

    I'm runnning out of accolades and you've probably grown tired reading this review. One more thing- did I mention that, in addition to having two delays, it has two inputs? There's a Delay A and Delay B, each with dedicated knobs allowing you to change the wet dry factor. So, you can have two inputs. Not only this, but there's one set on the front and another on the back. It's essentially very flexible stereo imagery. I presently own the Rockman Echo, Time Machine (essentially a knockoff of the Yamaha E1005) and a number of digital delays, as well as those in Logic 8. I've also jammed with RE-201s and an Echoplex. While all of these delays have their strengths, the DOD R-885 is my clandestine favorite. Too good for its own pants. If we repackaged this in a wooden box with some nice graphics, I swear it would sell for at least 500 bucks. For 500,000 more, I might part with it. Thanks.
  2. Hi Folks, I've had this sampler/mangler for some time, and it has enjoyed a carefree, gentle life. This was one of the first rackmount samplers that allowed you to speed up samples without altering the pitch (or change the pitch without altering the speed) Made popular by Daft Punk's "Robot Voice". Mangling the samples is easy- just record a sample, encode it and then turn the knobs to change the frequencies/dynamics/BPM. Everything functions as new. Comes fully loaded with all memory slots filled (132MB), and I'll even throw in a zip disk. No manual. 250.00 shipped in the US. Best, Mali (located in Boston, MA)
  3. Hi, Looking for a Trident 4T at a reasonable price. Located in Boston, MA. Paypal is great! Thanks, Malik
  4. Hi Folks, Two items up for sale from Boston, MA (USA): 1. Future Retro Revolution R1- this is the nicest looking version (in my humble opinion) with the white face, blue lights and wooden end cheeks. On these boards, the only problem people had were the batteries going dead after a year and thus having no memory. The battery in this guy was recently replaced (soldered!) with the newer, long-life battery that you find in the second generation Future Retros, so many many miles have been added to its life! I purchased this a month ago and just wasn't into the acid sound as much as I thought. Comes with the original manual and cord. 515.00 Shipped in the Continental US 2. Emu XL-7 Command Station. I've had this jolly boy for 3 years now, and it has been babied in my bedroom studios. Nary a scratch on it and comes with the original manual. (has the original XL-1 Rom installed) Awesome for arpeggios and a killer, fully-blown sequencer that eats my MPC1000 for lunch. The synth engine is actually very capable, with four layers per patch plus a choice of over 50 Z-Plane filters. I'm only selling this because I got its estranged brother- the Emu PX-7. 315.00 shipped (paypal for both) Happy holidays to all! - Malik
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a Future Retro Revolution- the whitefaced one with the wood sides, specifically. If you have one, let me know your price!! Located in Boston, MA. Gear for trade or straight cash. (paypal or check) Thanks, M
  6. I'm selling my Prophet 2002 Plus sampler with the analog curtis 4-pole filter and VCAs to boot. Sounds nice and gritty - lofi samples! Expanded memory and a fully-functional disk-drive give you some decent access to old-skool drums, fuzzy leads and monsterous stacked pads! This sampler has 8 outs in addition to the normal 2. (not sure if this was standard or an upgrade) It always afforded me a myriad of sound flexibility when it came to processing. You can run your drum samples through a compressor, your sitar samps through an effects unit, etc.. Includes the original manual- held inside of a black, 80's binder. Even the first page (a plastic insert with 4 SCI Factory sounds disks) is there. Chapters all have tabs for easy access and reference (this beast can go really deep) This is probably one of the most intuitive manuals on sampling I've read. I'm throwing in 11 additional disks (not including the 4 in the manual!!)along with a zip carrying case- they are mostly Wine Country or SCI factory originals with sounds ranging from ethnic drums/flutes to organs and brass. That brings you to a total of 15 Prophet disks!! $300.00 shipped in the US. (includes power cord and rack ears)
  7. Looking to make this baby the mainstay of my studio. PM me or respond if you've got one you're looking to get rid of and we can talk cashiola. Best, Malik (in the states)
  8. Time to liquidate and head off to grad school. First up is my Roland CR-8000. Beautiful, techy analog drum hits and aggressive rhythms. All buttons work (a rarity for this beast) as well as the lights! Volume pots are a bit scratchy and the tempo knob can be very sensitive when first you turn it on. Small issues that will only require some contact cleaner!!! Everything else is minty!!! 240 USD Second is the last of my JX-8Ps. This one's in great condition. All membrane buttons work and the sound is clean- nice analog pads and stacked leads. $200.00 b.o. Finally, my Emu ESI-2000. Beast of a sampler with those crazy Z-plane filters. This one has the SCSI option and 32 megs of ram. $80.00 Do me proud, kids. -malik
  9. Hi I'm selling a Roland PG-800 controller for the JX-8P, JX-10P and MKS-70 synths. Amazing piece in that it saves you hours of menu diving by giving you knobs and sliders. Includes magnetic carrying case and the connection cable. 225 USD shipped Thanks, Malik
  10. I PM'd you. Let me know your thoughts!
  11. Fear-my-pertater- It was actually an East Indian conspiracy all along. We had Europe fooled into thinking yous was us...then they did the dirty work...then they realized they had the wrong guys...then they went to the actual India and taught us English...now we're invading the New World with our IT schooners and Silicon Valley Magellans. What people are you anyway, Potato? albany...hmm...Oneida? Had a friend from NY who was part Seneca, and always felt funny about signing papers... I haven't seen any mention of Carl Palmer playing with Yanni, but I've definitely heard talk that he is a Yanni-type of drummer. But what in gods' names is that supposed to mean? -m
  12. You indian? Yup. Half Indian, half Irish. Got the MC-307 set to bagpipes and the "sounds of India" collection for my ASR-10. People often think I am part of the Greek Surprise, though, (or the persian conspiracy) which is why I feel an eternal link with Brother Yanni. There's nothing wrong with saying "Greek surprise, " Fear-My-Potato. It applies to categories other than just the moofy. For example: I was at a Greek restaurant and ordered Turkish coffee. The livid waiter helped me to a serving of Greek Surprise. Just when the Athenian anarchists thought they gots a friend in Socrates, Plato hits em up with Republic. It was a Greek Surprise. and so forth. Oh yeah...gotta keep this on topic...uhh...Indians invented the wheel, and then told the babylonians about it, who blablablabla pulleys, blablablabla Greek Surprise, blablablabla calculus, blablbala physics, blablabla Cornell, blablabla Moog, and then you had the synthesizer as we know it today. A really amazing piece, if I do say so myself. I'm currently trying to work out the Oscillator Surprise. (when analog circuitry gets cold and I can't play "Jump" anymore...drat...my favorite synth riff, too...) -m
  13. The band that inspired Herbie Hancock? ;> Yup...I got the Yawner's CD back in high school 8 years ago. I went to an all-boy's school and didn't know much...hell, I thought Ace of Base was industrial because of the video for that "love so true" song. Still, I knew enough to keep the Greek surprise on the quiet track around my much-hipper girlfriend. The music is definitely for rich yuppies, and that tiny piece of a rich yuppy in me appreciates it only during the most blue collar of times- like moofing the gf after work. I have kept hair somewhat akin to the Yaya's...only mine is really black. The ladies definitely prefer it longer...makes 'em jealous. I tell them I don't use any "product." That gets'em in the moofer. Yanni can have his wind-blown moonlit nights...poser. The Greeks perfected it, but the Indians- we invented it. -M:D
  14. Any ideas? I was listening to his Acropolis album the other day while I was moofing the lady, and began to wonder what exactly he uses. The rear of the album says only, "Keyboards. " Hmm...sounds like a lot of reverb.
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