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  1. I am the original owner, and this has only seen use in my smoke free recording studio. Very clean and works perfectly. I have a 100% positive feedback count of 160 under the name eartoyz. You can email me privately here or my email eartoyz@bellsouth.net or call my studio at 901-276-6590 I am located in Memphis,Tn. Thanks for looking! This is taken from their official website: RME's Fireface 800 is the world's most powerful FireWire audio interface ever. Up to 56 channels record/playback, up to 192 kHz sample rate, and true FireWire 800 sum up to an unsurpassed high-end, high performance and high speed FireWire audio interface. Since the Fireface first shipped in July 2004, the unit became the reference for FireWire audio - and still is today! Lots of 'world's first' and 'world's only' features put the Fireface 800 far ahead of the competition. Read on to find out more! The Fireface 800 combines the latest and also proven technologies of previous RME products with the fastest FireWire technology. Analog technology of the ADI-8 converters, microphone technology of QuadMic and OctaMic, TotalMix technology of the Hammerfall DSP series, years of experience in programming of efficient and reliable drivers, up to complete support from DIGICheck - only the best of the best, and even a bit more. The Fireface 800 offers the best worked out instrument input that could ever be found in an audio interface, a high power headphone output and signal-to-noise ratios of 119 dBA - typically RME! ANALOG I/Os Top Eight balanced line inputs and outputs with software controlled switching of the reference levels (-10 dBV, +4 dBu, HiGain), of course realized discretely in the analog domain, guarantee highest dynamic range and highest fidelity. Apart from the levels of the microphone pre-amps and the headphone outputs, all device settings are software controlled. Equipped with the latest A/D and D/A converter chips, all I/Os operate up to 192 kHz and reach 119 dBA dynamic range on playback - even the headphone output! The front-sided headphone output in high power technology does not only deliver high volume with low-impedance headphones, but represents the playback channels 9/10. Therefore the headphone output can be used directly with ASIO Direct Monitoring. On the front side, the Fireface 800 has 4 discrete balanced microphone inputs with class-A stage, separate activation of 48 V phantom power and separate XLR/TRS inputs, where the latter can also be used as adjustable Line inputs with a gain range of 50 dB! Two of the four mic inputs are permanently available as channels 9 and 10, the other two can be used together with or alternatively to the inputs 7/8 on the back. Top The FireFace 800's Hi-Z instrument input offers an unprecedented fidelity and flexibility for the use of guitar and bass. A soft-limiter, which has been tuned especially for musical instruments, efficiently prevents overloads of the A/D-converter. The limiter does not work without distortion, it intentionally creates harmonic distortion. Due to a soft transition and deliberate creation of harmonics, the input signal is compressed steplessly according to taste, or the limiter can be used as a distortion with tube sound. A Drive circuit, which can be activated in addition, delivers broad guitar distortion. The Speaker Emulation filter, which can also be switched on separately, takes low- and high-frequency disturbances away and guarantees an optimal basic sound even when recording directly into the computer, or when monitoring through a mixing console. Signals from guitar or bass are not being alienated in this case, but pre-conditioned for later processing in the DAW, so that the known amplifier plug-ins can make the most out of the sound. DIGITAL I/Os Top Two ADAT optical I/Os allow for a connection and insertion of effects devices, mixing consoles or external converters. Of course, these 16 channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels. Using two additional ADI-8 DS, you'll get 26 analog inputs and outputs, which remain still 18 at 96 kHz. The coaxial SPDIF I/O works up to 192 kHz, so that there are still 10 analog in- and outputs at the highest sample rate, plus two digital ones. SPDIF optical, alternatively provided via the second ADAT port, also operates up to 192 kHz - another RME-only feature. FEATURES Top All inputs and outputs can be used at the same time*!. E. g., the instrument input can be used either instead of the line input on the back, or together with it. Even the TRS jack and the XLR socket of the microphone inputs can be used simultaneously. This way, up to 35 signal sources can be connected to the Fireface 800 and recorded onto 28 separate tracks! Thanks to the DSP-based TotalMix mixer, known from the Hammerfall DSP series, all inputs and outputs can be freely mixed, distributed and routed. Up to 14 completely independent stereo submixes are possible. Each of the mixer's output channels, that is every single submix channel, can be recorded directly, without the need of external cable loops. And there's more: TotalMix can be MIDI remote controlled with any Mackie Control compatible controller. Thanks to an internal flash memory, all settings including TotalMix are recalled during boot. After making all desired settings, the device works stand-alone even without computer as a submixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone pre-amplifier, monitoring mixer and much more. The Fireface 800 is equipped with SteadyClock
  2. No not familiar with PM here, how bout you just call me or I'll call you??? 901-276-6590
  3. Not having any luck getting through to your email account or at least I've got no response from you.Could you email me at eartoyz@bellsouth.net?
  4. Forgot to add this ships in the original box with the manual,power cord. Thanks for looking!
  5. So this sounds like there is a transfer fee??? And NO support? This deal seems less and less attractive.....
  6. Have you registered these copies of EZ drummer and are you the original purchaser? Why are you selling these? I am interested in the EZ Drummer and expansions if the license can be transfered without having to pay any additional costs to Toontrack. Thanks! Toontrack website states: Regarding license transfer, it is imperative that written consent is obtained by the seller prior to a sale. We only disallow transferal in extreme circumstances but failure to follow the procedure outlined above may result in transfer being refused. We may instead charge a nominal fee if written permission is not requested prior to transfer. This decision is final and non negotiable. As a prospective buyer monitoring the 2nd hand market you should always seek guarantees from the party transferring the license to you. It in is your interest to do so and you expose yourself to severe inconveniences if you ignore this recommendation and you may be asked to pay the transfer fee should the seller refuse to cover this cost. It is also important to note that 2nd hand licenses are 100% non transferable and come with no personalised support (bugfixes through updates and forum access are available as normal but support through email and phone channels are not available).
  7. I am original purchaser of this Fireface 800 and it has only seen the inside of my smoke free studio environment. Looks great, works perfectly. For additional info see the RME website http://www.rme-audio.de/en_index.php. $1150.00 plus fed x freight charge, computed by your location. You can check my profile on ebay if you like , I have 160 100% positive feedbacks. I am located in Memphis,Tn. You can contact me at eartoyz@bellsouth.net or 901-276-6590. Thanks!
  8. Which airport card, I got an older one, not the Extreme.
  9. Purcashed new 2005 from Dangerous Music, used in smoke free studio environment only. Comes with two 4' DB25-1/4"TRS breakout cables,the manual,shipped in the orginal carton. You can check my 100% positive feedback status on ebay,username eartoyz. Questions regarding this item can be directed to: eartoyz@bellsouth.net or 901-276-6590 Shipping charge is $15.00 to anywhere in the continental United States. Sum your mix outside the box! The Dangerous 2-BUS LT is an analog summing mixer designed specifically for the digital audio environment. There are certain sonic qualities that analog equipment can impart to an individual sound or an overall mix. That's where the Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT analog-summing mixer comes in. Assembled by hand using only the finest mastering-quality components, the 2-BUS LT sums 16 channels (or eight stereo stems) of audio to a stereo pair. It allows you to run hotter digital fader levels while gaining headroom, spatial detail, and clarity- in short, the 2-BUS LT delivers a great sounding mix. Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT at a Glance: Incredible Imaging with More Punch and Detail For Pro and Project Studios Incredible Imaging with More Punch and Detail The 2-BUS LT is a 16x2 summing amplifier designed to help users of digital audio workstations (DAW's) better mix performance through the use of the existing equipment in their studios. While digital audio workstations offer unprecedented flexibility in multitrack recording and editing, the resulting mix from these systems generally doesn't equal those of high-end analog recording consoles in terms of sound quality and preservation of spatial detail. For Pro and Project Studios Dangerous Music's 2-BUS LT allows the full potential of your digital audio workstation to be realized audibly. It sums 16 channels of audio to a stereo pair in a high quality analog environment while occupying only one rack space. The 2-BUS LT delivers quality you would expect from a full-scale analog console, but from a compact unit that was specifically designed for the home, project, and professional digital studio. Dangerous Music 2-BUS LT at a Glance: Frequency Response: 1 Hz-100 kHz within 0.3 dB Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.006% in audio band Intermodulation Distortion: 0.007% IMD60 4:1 Crosstalk @ 1 kHz: -92 dB Noise floor: -81 dBu total energy in audio band Max level: +24 dBu Nominal operating level: +4 dBu Input impedance: 25k ohm balanced Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced (600 ohm drive capable) Gain accuracy: +/- .25 dB Power consumption: 25 watts
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