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  1. I have one. 🙂


    My guess is the instrument was sold for the simple reason that it represented a sizable amount of cash to the owner at a time when they needed it.


    With two little ones (and one big one), mine sits in a case and doesn't get played nearly as much as I'd like. I don't want it damaged, and when it comes time to play in any space but the studio I grab one of my beaters out of convenience. If I found myself in a tough spot, I could see looking at it as a quick way to get a meaningful financial infusion. 


    I've also heard mention of people buying instruments from retailers at 0% interest terms and selling them immediately because it's a cheaper, longer term cash loan (even with the hit to value) than a high-interest credit card.


    I'm not aware of any issues with the guitar you are speaking of, and think highly of Taylor's quality control (said as someone who was a guitar buyer for Musician's Friend in the late-00's".

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  2. I have played with both, and there is more of a difference than the DSP. The biggest difference is the wireless control and app integration. It is incredibly helpful if you ever see yourself needing to tweak the PA away from the physical unit, like during sound check without a house sound guy or even just while playing.


    Sonically, I think they are a bit beefier than I recall the original Thump I reviewed to be.

  3. As I am currently in the process of moving, I found myself somewhat restricted on music studio work this week, so I chose to have some fun with the Mackies and set them up with my home theater system (currently compromised due to half of it being boxed up!).




    While I don’t run a $10k+ audiophile setup, I was pretty happy with my sound bars and satellite speakers until o dropped the Thumps in. Unlike studio monitors I’ve played with in the past, which made poor audio mixes on most movies so grating to my ears that I immediately removed them, these speakers sounded sweet and crisp, and their affection for low-end married beautifully with action movies like Annihilation and Predators (yes, I still want that movie to be better than it is).


    Hmmm... how might I rationalize a 1000 watt audio solution in my living room...

  4. I got a guitar in a trade but I haven’t been able to ID so far. The original owner stated it was a 1917 Washburn. Well I don’t see how that could be the case given the markings, there is no badge in the sound hole nor any serial number or ID stamps on the instrument to even indicate which brand it is. It looks like The bridge was re-mounted at some point, in the lacquer is lovely but spider and definitely showing age. The guitar itself sounds beautiful. It lacks some of the refinement that a modern design in the higher and guitar would have, but it has a richness that is probably only possible for an instrument is been played for decades. It’s not going to help me retire my Taylor 814, but it’s a nice extra text you to have, and I’d love to have more backstory!

  5. +1 on the Rode M5 stereo pair. I have those too, I've used them on both guitars and drum overheads. Very affordable and they get the job done.


    Chris, you never mentioned what mics you already own. Maybe you can experiment with what you currently have, such as trying various mic positions, room locations, instrument-to-mic combinations. Anyway, a while back I was discussing with Phil about a new mic I got, the Shure SM81, it seems to record almost everything pretty well. especially acoustic instruments. Might be a bit biased since its currently my favourite mic. :smiley-lol:


    Also, are you using any external mic preamps? Or just the built-in preamp of the interface? I find that mic preamps could make a big difference, especially with certain mics.


    I own quite a few. I have the classic shure assortment, I have a M-Audio st of matched stereo condenser mics, I have a few M-Audio M5s (I think, they are vocal mics), and some random vintage gear


    I made the assumption that he had an older interface that he wasn't crazy about. Plus, I am a BIG fan of the UA powered plugins, and the modern UA interfaces give him the ability to emulate some pretty classic front end signal paths, plus they give him the ability to use better plugins than what he's probably currently using when it comes time to mix... but you're correct that he may already have a decent enough interface, and I probably shouldn't have made the assumption that I did.


    However, not all interfaces are created equal, and "studio quality" covers a pretty darned broad range.




    No offense Bill, but now you're making some pretty big assumptions. :) Have you ever heard any of his recordings? Do you know what he knows and what he doesn't know? I've known Chris for a long time, and he's more knowledgeable than he lets on...




    Really? I know people who prefer to avoid plugins and who would much rather use hardware... and they make some pretty amazing sounding recordings that way...




    I definitely agree that knowledge trumps hardware / gear, but there's a reason why the best engineers in the world tend to use high end gear. High end gear without the knowledge of how to get the best out of it is indeed wasted, but that doesn't mean gear doesn't make any difference.


    You are kind, Phil.


    Yes, I’m not a mook, and I know (at least theoretically) more than the average bear, but what’s also true is I have realized I don’t want to engineer for myself. For others, yes, I am happy to apply polish and such, but for my own stuff, I want to perform and be done. What I am curious about is what an engineer wants to make my scratch tracks mix-ready.



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  7. ? Because?


    The Audio 6 (probably what he has) is a very fine AI and "upgrading" is likely to return precious little improvement if any in sound IMO.


    Chris, what you have already provides you "the ability to record studio-quality tracks" easily. Frankly it sounds like more a question of learning more about recording and mixing than it does equipment by far. Your statement about not using plugins much if at all is glaring evidence of that. Don't waste money on hardware that you assume/imagine is going to magically make your mixes better. It won't. Learning more about recording and mixing will. FWIW


    I agree with what you are saying, and I don’t disagree. Phil is right in that I tend to understate my pedigree because I work with giants like Phil and Craig Anderton, and I am also looking to start a conversation for other people who have less immediate access to them.


    For my my specific goals, I am interested in capturing the highest quality raw tracks. I absolutely can mix and master, and I’m not that interested in that for myself. I can rock it for other people, but I don’t want to engineer my own tracks... I want to be creative, perform, and hand off the highest quality tracks to someone else.

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  8. Man, ask a stupid question, get 1 million good questions!


    Lets say rock, with anything from mic only acoustic to face-melting fuzz, with vocals and bass direct. No hard requirement for dual input recording, but a two-mic acoustic option would be a bonus.


    A relatively neutral room. Treated, so it isn’t a ****************-show of reflections, but not necessarily “sweet”.


    I have a MAC (duh, Logic) and a PC I could recruit (some bloatware I would need to address).


    I have MAudio B monitors and am demoing the Mackie Thump Boosted. A couple of classic Shure mics, one maudio conducted mic, and random stuff.


    I don’t necessarily like/hate anything about my current setup, other than I haven’t invested enough time to feel ownership and am wondering if there is a better way. I like logic and the simplicity of the NI interface, and I’m mostly wondering if I’m half-assimg it or if there is a superior platform so when I catch the lightning in a bottle I’m not limited by the capture.


  9. Phil- I have been using a native instruments audio interface for about five years now into logic X for recording. If I was ready to scrap all that today and say I wanted the ability to record studio-quality tracks piece by piece, what would you recommend? My goal would be to capture individual tracks for my own mixing but also to have them be high enough quality that I could send them out to an actual engineer like yourself for professional results.


    Enlighten me on your recommended preamp’s, Mike’s, and DAW.

  10. Before even hopping into the Thump, it's worth a quick walk-through of the Thump Connect app. The Thump Connect app is an exact digital replica of the back mixer on the Thump Boosted speakers, and is one of the more seamless set-up for Wi-FI/Bluetooth connectivity I've experienced in a MI product. Maybe I've been burned by too many complicated, buggy, and poorly designed connection protocols, but I tend to grimace when I'm given a product to review that has Bluetooth connectivity based on how spotty they are. In a live situation, there's no room for Bluetooth dropping out!

  11. What's a Pro Review Express? We've done them before, and they're essentially light versions of the Pro Review format pioneered by Craig Anderton nearly a decade ago. By evaluating a piece of gear in real time over the course of a month, we have an opportunity to not only take a deeper diver and indulge in asides, but also to answer questions and check out features the community is truly interested in trying out.


    About a month ago I received two Mackie Thump Boosted 15" powered monitors to pair and evaluate, which is what we'll be documenting here.



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