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  1. Contact me at Patrick.minnesota@aol.com for more info on any of these guitars... Suhr Classic in Black Cherry Sparkle -Incredible guitar right here folks! The pickups are EMGx pups, do some homework on them, they are spectacular, -rich expressive warm with the volume pot at noon. gun it and she's a beast. $2250 If you are an EMG hater and you have not tried the x series pups you need too. I have the original Suhr FL set too. Suhr Classic TOB w/ hybrid headstock Very cool Piece right here, Features SSC system, SSV briide and FL SCs. The hybrid headstock enhances balance and sustain. $2150 Suhr Classic Tri color Quilt. This guitar has an incredible Museum grade maple cap over Alder for exceppent tone. The pups are JST V60s for that vinage strat vibe with modern playability. $3200 Suhr Standard in Caribean Blue. This is the most awesome guitar. It is a real knockout yet the sone is even sweeter! Maple over Mahogany and oiled neck, totally suplime, the whole instrument rings sweetly. pups are SSV DSV Vintage with attitude! $2999 Next up is my TAG Hollow T -3 pups make this badgirl one mean tele. Seriously, the bridge is pure tele bliss, the middle is strat-tastic and the neck back to tele. Very nice shape! -$1900 Tom Anderson DT. This one is loaded with three TAG P90s. Sublime tone and guitar porn all wrapped up together. $2350 Collings City Limits Deluxe -The ultimate Les Paul. Pickups are Lollar Imperials. This is a brand new guitar Quilt top over dark mahogany is amazing. Build quality is ridiculous and the vibe is uber cool! $3500 Tyler Mongoose, This is the guitar feautured in the Gallery on JTs gallery page in fact, here's the pictures of her: http://www.tylerguitars.com/t-gallery.aspx $3500
  2. Looking for a 6 string strat comparable value HSH or SSS only or similar. I am offering my Warrior 5 for sale. This is one fierce beast! I think we tend to overuse the term "exotic" but in this case, it just fits. The top on this guitar is seriously interesting, much more so than curly maple. The kicker? The Bubinga fretboard is even nicer! This bass is 100% class from every single angle! Sure it's eye candy and any collector would be stoked to own this but that's half the story. We are talking two Bassline pickups for monster tone, wide, flat neck for fast fingers make this one a breeze to play. $2250 or trade value of $2500
  3. Contact me for specs on anything listed below all are Mint to NEW!!! Selling off entire collection: Paul Waller Masterbuilt Strat -Master grade quilt, VS S1 equipped strat $4450 PRS ME II $3350 John Suhr Scott Henderson Sugnature -signed by John! $2400 Tom Anderson Drop top w/Three TAG P90s $2550 Tom Anderson Classic $2050 Tom Anderson Drop T $2750 NEW Tom Anderson RARE PRO AM T Gold Metallic $2250 Taylor BTO #2637 T3B Stripped Ebony $2950 Zion (Ken Hoover built) Metallic Gold $1000 Framus Diablo Custom Bubinga $1500 Hamer Studio Custom Special Ordered in Turquoise $1550 Carvin C66 Ruby Red $1100 Carvin DC135 $975 Carvin SH550 $1350 Custom made EVH Wolfpak by Dave Rusan (look him up) $1150
  5. Any interest in trading for my Les Paul Standard or my Framus Custom (just posted in sale/trade thread) email me at patmac8773@gmail.com
  6. PLEASE do not leave questions in the thread. PM me for best speed of answer. Please check in with the referenced folks in my signature, each has purchased a guitar or 2 from my collection. 2004 TEAL Hamer Studio Custom Custom Color Seth Lovers This is my mint 2004 Hamer Studio Custom. Rare custom order so you probably won't find many like it. Body and neck are bound, Medium C neck profile Gold Hardware! Original case case candy and ppwrk too. $2200 OBO PM me for pictures (include your email) 2008 Les Paul Standard Dessert Burst A good Les Paul is hard to find although things are improving over at gibson but it's still hard to pick out a great one. I passed up several dozen for this one. It is a 2008 (all original with case case candy and ppwrk) plays like a dream and has that classic look to it! The classy flame top is icying on the cake! Sell for $1650. " rel="nofollow">http://s1017.photobucket.com/user/mcspedp/media/DSC00230_zps1e99f2db.jpg.html][/url] Tom Anderson Drop top Mahogany body! This guitar is in mint shape, SS frets, Anderson P90s -Spectacular! The 3 p90s were a surprise. I love them in this guitar, fat but not overly so and SILENT. $2250 " rel="nofollow">http://s1017.photobucket.com/user/mcspedp/media/DSC00211_zps55e5b3bb.jpg.html][/url] Framus Custom Shop Diablo " rel="nofollow">http://s1017.photobucket.com/user/mcspedp/media/Framus_Diablo_Custom_Swirly_Bubinga_E-144601-08_1_zpsc438152d.jpg.html][/url] Exotic Bubinga top with natural light and dark swirl is a total work of art! My pictures truly do not capture the beauty of this guitar. I think only about 10 of these were made and this is #8 and it is virtually spotless! The body is swap ash and the neck is maple with Tiger stripe ebony board
  7. I will pay cash for the right beat up boutiques (no structual damage please). Contact me at patmac8773@gmail.com
  8. NO TARDES unless you have a James Tyler you want to part with This is my early (pre-1500 s#) Standard. It started life in gunmetal metallic with black pickgauard. I sent it to John in January 2013 and had it refinished in what has to be the best looking RB drop I have ever seen! Along with the refinish, a new bridge PUP was installed along with a new pickguard. The results are well, STUNNING!!! The frets are perfect, the neck was plek'd and she plays and sounds UBER sweet! There is some wear on the metal hardware (saddles) I will include 6 new ones if you like but the RB drip is flawless!!!! No neck pocket cracks, no neck issues -totally cool axe! Comes with ppwrk, trem arm and OHSC. $2500 FIRM LINK TO ALBUM WITH 25+ PICTURES http://http://s1017.photobucket.com/user/mcspedp/slideshow/Suhr%20Standard%20Rootbeer%20Drip[/url]
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