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  1. I found this wonderful instrumental recording of Walking in the Air and just had to give singing it a try. Mom put together a nice relaxing video to go along with it. Hope you like it.
  2. Thank you, Bob. The room held about 500 people and is tiered so I kept my focus the second level and up. LOL
  3. I was invited to perform at the Beverly Hilton in L.A. for "The World's Most Distinguished Chinese Award Gala" on June 28th. It was a great audience filled with movie and music producers. The award winners were all seated at the front so you will see a lot of movement there because everyone wanted to congratulate them. I sang "The Last Rose of Summer".
  4. Hi guys. I brought my twin sister in to help with this video. LOL At first I wasn't sure which way I wanted to sing this song, the original like princess Aurora or like Lana Del Rey which seems more like Maleficent. Then I decided to do both. That's when I had to call my sister. I hope you like it.
  5. Hi everyone. My first attempt at singing "All of me" by John Legend was, as my teacher says, too bright. It was with my usual high Opera resonance. I re-sang it and tried to tone it down and just go with feeling. I hope it came out OK.
  6. Hi guys. I love this song by the unbeatable Freddie Mercury. I made my video story from the feeling I got for this song while watching Highlander. I felt that a vampire might feel the same way after snacking on many lovers over the decades. hehe It was interesting that after seeing a picture I posted for this video on Facebook the producer for the upcoming movie "Atlanta Vampire Movie" contacted me to be in be in the movie. It's a Vampire spoof. It's gonna be so fun to make.
  7. Thanks Davie. I love Tarja Turunen's voice. I hope I did her justice.
  8. Hey guys. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it and immediately started working on it. We got some great footage out at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I hope you enjoy it. http://
  9. Hi everyone. While we were in the middle of the snow storm I just had to make this video in a winter wonderland. Hallelujah was written by Leonard Cohen and made more famous in one of my favorite childhood movies, Shrek.
  10. Hi everyone. A classical version of a progressive rock song from the Seventies. Because I'm so young I first heard this song from Sarah Brightman's album. Then I listened to the original. Both are great but my voice is definitely more like Sarah's. She did it with a very mysterious sounding reverb but I decided to do it without that. I hope you enjoy.
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