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    Complete my rig

    Hey guys! it’s been ages since I have been back on these forums! I’ve finally gotten back into a place where I can start finishing my rig at home. I have the following: Soldano SLO30 Rev G Mesa Dual Recto Engl Artist series 50 loving each of the amps, but what would you add in with these 3 amps to complete it?
  2. For Sale, Got it 3 months ago, decided it's not for me. Make me an offer! PM me or email shawn.edge23@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Selling my Pod HD PRO X only 2-3 months old still have original box and manual OBO originally paid $700.00
  4. Where in NH are you located ?
  5. Anything wrong with it I'm very interested !!!
  6. trade ya for a dual recto not rack mounted ?
  7. I would like to sell my Ec-1000 its the color Snow White if the price is right u cna have it !
  8. Joel send me a pm with how much your looking.... If it goes thorugh i can pick up in 2 weeks....
  9. haha $500.00 ! yah wel lthats what the D60's go for around these parts good luck with selling it considering there are 2-3 D120s very close ot the price of that D60 And I'd know because i sold my D60 for 1100. If you decided to go down feel free to pm me
  10. how about 1050 shipped ? I can get a D120 for 1275 shipped with a road case.....
  11. Hello eshawn, and thanks for your interest in my Mesa set up. $1500 is too low for me to accept. I do appreciate your interest though! If you'd like to up your offer, I'd be interested in considering. Thanks, Adam hey man thanks for being kind baout it Pm me with what you would like to get for it ! I dont wanna ruin your business on here
  12. see I hate it when guys come in and are like all over the board like that I mena thanks for looking out but id rather like to get a pm rather than destroying his thread
  13. If you still have it when in the next week I think ill buy it !
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