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  1. For sale:

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin, very good condition, some of the letters have worn off but works great! Complete with power supply - 350 EUR

    Boss LS-2, very good condition, with box, velcro installed - 70 EUR

    Boss NS-2, very good condition, with box, velcro installed - 65 EUR

    Fulltone GT-500, very good condition, no box - 140 EUR


  2. Quote Originally Posted by gae86 View Post
    Thanks Henry!
    I'm still working on the Murf. It's awesome, but also so complex! but a demo will surely come, because I've never been satisfied with the one I saw, for guitar at least.

    PS: the bf 1 at 12v it's another pedal. Really, at 9v is weak and so little present. Thanks for the tip thumb.gif
    Hehehe! You
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