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  1. This mic is a "special edition" mic, I have looked all over the place for another one because I like it so much but not many people know about it. Which makes me sad because if it ever dies on me I'll have to take the time to find a suitable replacement. It's a supercardiod mic, looks almost just like an SM58. It has an on/off switch too, which is handy. As I said before, I use it for micing instruments, mainly accoustic guitar and amps. It works well for live vocals as well. It has a nice, bright sound. I've tried using it for bass amps, but the bass response is not great and I like to
  2. Toph Short

    roland Fantom S

    I don't own one right now but I'm working on it. When I end up getting it, it's going to be my number one board. I have an old beat up D-70 that I love to death, but I know it's on it's last legs. So what am I going to do? I'm going to sample my favorite stuff on the D-70 with the Fantom and have a ball editing those little suckers and coming up with even cooler patches.
  3. Toph Short

    roland D-70

    If it turns out that this thing stops working, which I hope it doesn't, I'd sell all of my organs to get another one. I use it all the time for recording stuff, especially analog synth sounds, which it does well. So I'd definitley get another one.
  4. This is a good entry-level guitar. It plays great and I plan on keeping it through the duration of my musical career. As previously stated, I am planning on buying a new guitar soon, probably a Schecter or an ESP, but this guitar has served me well. I'd reccomend it to anyone who is looking for their first electric. It'll last long and sound good enough for learning on.
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