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    DigiTech RP-1

    When I bought this unit it was very expansive at the time (1100DM are about 700$). For the same price now you can find much better, BUT in Europe they're going now for $200 used so I would not esitate to buy one used if lost or stolen!I've compared this unit with the new ones (Taiwan made) from Digitech; my band mate has a RP-2000 that wanted to sell after hearing this unit!! Probably the RP-2000 has more distortion but noway, they don't compare, I've heard from many different people that the RP-1 is the best of the RP series...I believe it is true. The GNX-3 would probably sound better though... I wish it had a wah pedal like the RP-10 and the distortions to be more natural (but this is a common Digitech problem). If you're thinking about getting a Digitech RP, look around and try to find this unit.. you'll be really surprised!
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