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  1. I play blues, rock, funk for 12 years not metal or punk... If it were stolen, I definitively would buy another one, or G-System. There are some very good things in this processor that helps to get very good sound! 1. Adjustable input sensitivity. 2. Serial, semi parallel, parallel effects connection configuration. 3. Real time tuner. And 2 disadvantages: 1. No phone output. 2. No power On/Off button.
  2. Tried to get acoustic sound. Good for practise, but not for gigs.
  3. Vytas-h8y0I

    Lexicon MPX 550

    The unit is great!
  4. Rock, funky, blues. Every vere is useful. I play for 8 years it is beter than I found delays in most digital guitar stations. It is beter tham Line6, DD-6, DD-3. If you are looking for good delay, just try it and you will like it.
  5. I use it when I play funky and blues styles, sometimes when I rock, in all cases I use it with clean or almost clean guitar. I love it because it gives what I want. I beleve there are beter choruses in the world but this one is the best what can I found in Lithuania.
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