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  1. [Comments] Been playing for about 5 years, and about 4 of them have been in clubs, and touring. Other guitars have duncan JB's in the bridge, but I didn't realize what a guitar could sound like untill i got this pickup. It gave me the sound I was looking for. The JB's don't even compare when it comes to a good overdriven guitar tone. I am ordering all my custom's from now on with this pickup, except for the hollowbody i just ordered that I had a live wire classic installed in. Definitely give this pickup a try if you like to use a good amount of gain because even when you turn it down on
  2. Chris-D.qEk

    ESP EC Custom

    Been palying guitar for about 5 years this is by far the best guitar I own. The other guitar player in my band is playing a PRS custom 22 and a custom shop Brubaker (awesome guitar), through a triple rectifier, and is extremely jealous of my tone, and the actual look and feel of my ESP. Other instuments I own are a Custom shop Carvin, and a fernandes Monterey elite which is great for heavy stuff and the sustainer is cool the mess with. If this guitar were stolen I would get another without a doubt, im planning on ordering another one this year anyway, there great guitars and they make a gre
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