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  1. Overall I'm going to give it a 7, as on its own it's not so special. If you were to throw $100 more at this purchase you could probably leave the Big Muff in the dust. But like I said, I'm MORE than pleased with what I've coaxed from it, so don't be afraid to buy one and give it a shot, just keep your receipt in case it's not for you.
  2. For me, this amp is a subjective 10, because it fits my tastes perfectly. But for recommending it to others, I'm gonna give it a 7 just because there are EASIER and more versatile amps to deal with out there. I already know I'm keeping this amp as long as it's humming. I love the tone, love the retro look, love Fender in general. Just wish I didn't live an an apartment so I could really open her up more often.
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