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  1. I rate this guitar an 8. I have been playing for about 20 years mostly just for fun but have been around a number of other people who play out and have been around a number of instruments. I currently own a Washburn 4V-WD and a Marshall 8100 valvstate half stack. I run my guitars through a BOSS digital delay, super chorus and HMII distortion. Lastly a DOD distortion. I think this would be a great instrument for the beginner or intermediate player who is looking for a fixed bridge instrument. I bought this guitar mostly because I had only instruments with Floyd rose tremalos and wanted something that would be easier to tune down. If someone stole it I would hunt them down and feed them their testicals just because they were A!*holes! Other wise I think I would try a Raven RM2000 just to see how they compare. Lastly and importantly if you are looking on spending the extra $150 on an Epi LP, don't. I sat the Samick beside the Epi and if the headstocks weren't different you could not tell them apart. Rumor has it that they were made in the same factory.
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