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  1. i would make high end pedals and sell them for the exact amount of money it costs to manufacture them. i've seen enclosures, knobs, the boards for these things, cheap as {censored}. these companies really need to knock it the {censored} off. And you would {censored}ing go out of business as fast as you entered it.... What will you pay your workers with?? What will you pay your shipping costs? What will pay for your equipment and the costs for maintaining it? What will pay your rent? And so on...got the picture by now, plus all the paperwork, the phonebills, the bills for all kinds of {censored}...wake up man!
  2. Sorry old thread zombie..... Eh it uses a JFet 201 into a TL072 opamp....basicly cascades into each other... Kinda ratty somehow....
  3. Will do so....hopefully we can get some of the ideas to work...
  4. :poke: Ah {censored}....well we have been investigating the order of pedals and switching... But as usual we are against mother time.....but something alot more flexible is in the oven....
  5. Sadly I have not heard the purple thing yet....but it is an optocoupled vibe thing, with two vibe settings without fuzz, and two with fuzz(fixed fuzz setting for some reason, dunno if an internal trimmer will appear in the final version) The headroom....well.....reverb.....we have not yet settled on what we want to do with that one, it is an empty box....ironically;) Not much to tell right now... Sorry guys. Niels
  6. Bassdrive is anything but new...... Also a new tuner, and powersupply I belive it was...have not seen it yet. The 3Loop is new, all the accessories are done now, has been in production for a few weeks now...so they will soon hit the stores.
  7. Hehe awesome!! Me has a "board" full of Boss stuff these days.....might wanna check those Dano boxes out!!
  8. Have a bunch of different compressor/limiters....this one will not leave my home, as it works as it should, and keeps working as well, does not make any funny decaying noises or anything, some might find it too clean and discrete, I like that in some comps, I have others that colours the sound alot more, but those are only used at occasions where certain sounds are required. Topnotch compressor, that does what it is supposed to do, keeping your levels even without distracting you.
  9. Actually...forget about the analouge delays.....cannot recall him using one much!
  10. It is a CE-2 with a levelknob for adding effect... So you got yourself a brown CE-2;) I use mine for guitar...
  11. This totally bums me out!! Rest easy....
  12. Rest easy...and here I thought that he was getting better...
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