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  1. I play mainly Blur, Pavement, lo-fi stuff, and this pedal is perfect for kicking a song into life, or throwing it sideways. I've had it 6 months, and pedals like this are a great weapon for getting out of a song-writing rut.If it were stolen, i'd buy it again, but any chance of getting it again for £35 when its been discontinued? Not {censored}ing likely! I couldn't believe when I found it, and new as well! I'm a big fan of Graham Coxon, and bought this pedal just to simulate that briiiing at the start of On Your Own. I short - don't buy this if you're a wanky-widdler, but if you love experimenting, and have a strong stomach, try to find one beofre they become collectors items - but no-ones getting mine!
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