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  1. 13 minutes ago, redEL34 said:

    I try to roll with the changing ways of “current trends”, which happen to be easy as hell compared to getting a band together and learning the hard way vs. using a looper, a couple synths and a drum machine. I wish I learned about that a long time ago, but I didn’t.

    Ironically, I learned about all that back when it was a giant pain in the @$$ to make it all work :lol:

  2. 5 minutes ago, arcadesonfire said:

    Very interesting. If I were an entrepreneur, I’d set up an app and a subscription service to monetize the work done by those folks. Get a new surprise profile every week or something. 

    Pretty sure there are multiple instances of that sort of thing happening.

  3. 4 hours ago, arcadesonfire said:

    Everybody knows that Canadian Marshall clones from the early 70s are the best. Nobody's willing to say it though, so we get all these other recommendations.

    They ought to come with a gift certificate for chiropractic care :lol:

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  4. 4 hours ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    Well, yes.  That's why I have stuck with the XTC for almost 15 years now.  There's nothing else out there that covers more ground, IMO.

    That's the idea. I played one for about 30 minutes today, and while it sounded very good, it wasn't inspiring.  I think that I need to borrow one and do my own profiling to see what it can really do.  The stock profiles aren't good enough, but they show that it might be able to get there. We'll see.

    There is also a huge and growing base of user profiles available. I know several guys who are obsessive amp and cabinet profilers, and have gone to great lengths and expense to do the amps justice - high end mics, boutique/vintage preamps, etc...

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  5. 5 hours ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    Nice enough, but a combo amp is absolutely not the solution for my gigs.

    I'm not looking for a new sound, I am looking for a lighter weight, smaller way to duplicate what I already have - the Bogner XTC and JCM800.

    Considering the XTC is imho the finest and most versatile multi-channel amp available, that is a tall order. 

    That being said, I think the Kemper is your best bet, as you can virtually "clone" your XTC and JCM800 and then add whatever else you may want/need.

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  6. 37 minutes ago, harrycox1 said:

    Hey, did ya hear about the whistle blower complaint? No? That's okay, you wouldn't care about that stuff anyway.

    Could you tell me what your reply has to do with the OP and the question Ned asked? Looks like an entirely unprovoked dig at a fellow forum member to me. Warning issued. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, nedezero1 said:

    Just curious if anyone has ever played an original DR-103.

    What was it like?





    It was LOUD. And clean. To get it to really break up you need to be "kills small animals" loud :lol:

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  8. 1 minute ago, SteinbergerHack said:

    Perhaps, but even so, I find that I use all three amp channels and the two boost functions constantly, on top of the basic choris/reverb/delay/comp programs.  

    My core combinations are probably two dozen or so that are just generic sounds, then a few dozen more that are specific to artists or cover songs.



    Makes sense, since what you do requires a very wide palette. I use a single channel amp and a minimalist pedal board - a wah, an overdrive/ boost, an "analog style" digital delay and a univibe clone. I get more tonal variation with the volume knob of my guitar than anything else, really.

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  9. 1 minute ago, SteinbergerHack said:


    I can't even think of a single song I play that I could do with a single patch!

    I suspect he uses his vtx in conjunction with a pedal board.

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  10. Just now, Phil O'Keefe said:


    Hey, while Bakersfield is hardly my idea of paradise on earth, it always could be worse. Ever been to Oildale? Oildale is hell on earth. IMO.. and right next door to Bakersfield. So while Bakersfield isn't hell, it's in the same neighborhood. ;) 


    Hell-adjacent :lol:

    not a big fan of Fontucky either :D

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  11. 26 minutes ago, Telecruiser said:

    Me? I'm always trying to improve my flatpicking speed and accuracy as well as my thumbpick speed and accuracy like Jerry Reed and Chet.

    Every so often, at least a couple of times a year I butt up hard against my technical limitations and swear to myself that I'm gonna re-focus on technique and commit to drilling (as opposed to other forms of practice)... and every time, between choosing to work on my fingers or on my ears, the ears always win. There's just not enough time in life... :cry:

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  12. 1 hour ago, Phil O'Keefe said:


    You're welcome. :)

    Lots of PC users are apparently using an app called MIDI Ox to do it... I have no experience with that app, so use at your own risk. 


    Please let me know how it goes... FYI, you may need to FIRST send a sysex command to turn off the note-off pitch bend capability and turn on the pitch bend adjustment capability before you send the sysex string to reset the pitch bend range to your desired value. 


    Turns out all that is unnecessary - the latest version of SynthTool from Behringer will update your Boog's firmware and then you can set pitchbend range right from the synth tool . Worked like a charm! 

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  13. 42 minutes ago, Phil O'Keefe said:


    I was reading about that before I ordered mine. Apparently a software update (1.05?) had originally killed the ability to adjust that in favor of being able to have it respond to pitch bend commands after the note-off command is received. People naturally squalked about that... and Behringer gave them the ability to adjust the pitch bend range with version 1.06 and later of the firmware, but it's an either / or thing - you can have one, but not the other - your choice. I suspect we both have the newer v2 equipped models, but I haven't checked mine yet. 

    The adjustment for pitch bend range is done with a sysex command. Page four of this thread has the specifics... 



    I'm not sure if this online (Chrome) editor will work or not, but FYI...



    Page 30 of the manual...  

    https://media63.musictribe.com/media/PLM/data/docs/P0CQJ/MODEL D_M_EN.pdf



    Thank you!!! That will make a HUGE playability difference!

    Going to attempt this shortly. I really hate MIDI/sysex crap. 

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  14. 2 minutes ago, erok123 said:

    You like it? I was thinking of getting the Nuetron. More patch-ability.

    I actually want LESS patchability - this is mainly for performance, not tweaking. 

    It sounds and works like a Minimoog, period. No detectable differences so far.

    I have yet to figure out how to be able to set my preferred pitch bend range or to trigger the LFO with my controller's mod wheel, but other than that I'm completely satisfied.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, onelife said:

    I sometimes compare playing music with surfing - the difference being that the musicians create the wave as well as ride on it.

    A live drummer will ride and react to the wave along with the rest of the band whereas the drum machine will do its thing without listening.

    Its the difference between having a conversational partner and having a conversation with myself, for me. 

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  16. 5 minutes ago, Anderton said:

    I tend to avoid electronic drums, the Chris McHugh drum loops from Discrete Drums (sadly, no longer available) are beyond wonderful. Actual drummers are convinced I hired a drummer, because in a way, I did. But I also know how to work with loops to make them come alive. Just rolling out a loop does not work.

    That said, electronic drums are a different instrument with a different purpose. There are some genres of music that almost demand it. However, I have to say that my whole attitude about "click tracks" changed 180 degrees when I figured out how to add tempo changes to make a song "breathe" after the fact, on the two-track mix. I wrote about this in the last Sweetnotes, I can't find it online anywhere but I wrote something similar for my web site



    They really are, given judicious amounts of editing to fit whatever piece of music one is working on. But to be honest, I feel with some of the new VSTi kits and good programming, you can achieve similar results. That being said, I'll take a good drummer over programming EVERY time. 

  17. 1 minute ago, onelife said:

    My brother is an accomplished drummer - when he had knee surgery on his kick drum leg he was able to use the RX11 and his healthy limbs to shorten his down time.

    I believe the reason he was able to effectively program and use a drum machine is because he thinks like a drummer.

    See my very next post on the subject :D

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  18. 20 minutes ago, arcadesonfire said:

    Impressive. .... I find myself going in and drawing velocity curves (freehand) or even adjusting  each note manually to pull it off. I wish I didn’t waste the time like that on freakin demos. I should be spending more time noodling around with bluesy licks on the guitar!

    Well, this one ended up released as a single with my "placeholder" drum track still on it... complete with my little "Bonham kck drum triplets" :lol: The plan was to have Glenn Sobel play the drums, but he was out with Alice Cooper, and when we sent him the track to learn, to "re-play", his one-word reply was "why?" :D

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydvlolyumg238jr/Over You Final Master.mp3?dl=0

    One of my "tricks", if you want to call them that, is to quantize ONLY the hits that fall on each 1/4 note, and free-hand the rest, including velocities. And sometimes I will go back and nudge the 1/4 note hits as well to match the feel and dynamics of a particular passage. 

     I've done so much drum programming that I've gotten really fast with "adjusting single notes manually", but its still fairly labor intensive. Not only that, the real "trick" with programming is to think like a drummer


  19. 16 minutes ago, arcadesonfire said:


    What an age we live in.......

    Going back to a recent discussion though, perfectly click-aligned drums can't be the real thing.

    Since I started working in my current format (DAW/Addictive drums) some 8 years ago, I've yet to have a drummer guess that there is no live drummer on my tracks. But I am also obsessive about "human feel" on my programmed drums :lol:

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