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  1. I have been playing for about 10 years now. I also own a cheapo Kramer explorer style copy with EMG 60b/85n in it and a Jackson JSX-94 Concept Series with EMG 81 in the bridge. Playing through a Behringer V-Amp2 and BBE 264 Sonic Maximizer into a computer for recording/practice and a Marshall AVT50 112 combo for practice/playing away from home. If this guitar were lost or stolen I would definitely replace it. I was comparing this to a Gibson LP Standard Double Cut Plus and for 700 less I think I got just as good or better tone and lots more eye candy.
  2. Charles-uXOWO

    BBE 264

    I play anything from blues to metal, this is great for anything though, it clears up your sound, makes "clean" sounds really nice sounding, and really thickens up your distortion. If it were lost or stolen, I'd replace it as soon as I had the money. The only things I wish it had are available in the rackmount models.....in other words, I'd like rackmount capability and 1/4" inputs/outputs, but Guitar Center had it on sale for 59.99 (I believe this is now a discontined model and that's why the low price) and a rackmount model would have been nearly twice that, this gives the same sound, so I
  3. I play anything from blues to heavy metal pretty much. This unit can cover all of that. As an example, I play a lot of Metallica stuff. I took the main metal rythym patch I created and changed the EQ slightly to make a lead patch, but I also changed the Acoustic Environment Simulator to a different setting, in doing so I nearly if not actually recreated the sound from Metallica's Kill 'em All album. The original patch was much heavier sounding, so I'd have to say probably one of my favorite features is that AES thingy. It's not an amp modeling or cab emulating thing, but instead it simula
  4. [Comments] If it disappeared out of my guitar I would definitely buy another one. I have been playing for about 6 years and also own a Jackson JSX-94. I really love the high gain output this pickup has for heavy metal use. The only thing I don't like about it, and I've noticed this with all the EMG's I have, is that they pre-solder the wire braiding around the center conductor and so you can't pull the braid off and solder it separately. I have followed their diagrams which show to solder it just like that still wrapped around the core to the volume knob casing and haven't, I hope, melted
  5. [Comments] If it somehow disappeared out of my guitar, I would definitely replace it. I have been playing for about 6 years now and in addition to the above mentioned equipment I also have a Jackson JSX-94 guitar. I love this pickup for clean stuff, and for slow singing leads. Also use it for the intial distorted parts on Metallica's "Sanitarium" song before it really gets fast. I am definitely satisfied with this pickup for a neck position. Oh, and no I did not buy this pickup just because Hetfield from Metallica uses it, I bought it because he uses it for their clean stuff and I liked
  6. I've been playing for about 6 years and in addition to the above mentioned amp/effects, I have a Jackson JSX-94 Concept Series solid body. If it were stolen......who loses a guitar..........I'd definitely head over to MusicYo and get another one as soon as they are back in stock, unless I have the 1600 I need for a custom explorer that I want of course. The only extra thing I think would be nice would be separate volume controls for each pickup for a little more versatility while both pickups are selected. Oh, also a shape like this should come with straplocks instead of regular strap butto
  7. [Comments] If it were lost/etc. I'd probably buy another, put it in the neck position with an 81 in the bridge instead. Definitely satisfied with it though. I do wish they would make the distance between the prewired pots a little longer though, had to resolder and extend it to get it to fit the holes in the guitar body.
  8. Charles-uXOWO

    Boss ME-30

    While I actually only bought this today I just had to comment on it. I spent about an hour playing with it at Guitar Center and was very impressed with it over the DOD GS30. This actually lets me get the sounds I've been looking for for a long time like Metallica, both distorted and some nice clean stuff too. I play metal, blues, my own strange stuff and have been playing for about 5 years. If it was stolen/lost I would replace it if it was all I could afford. Don't get me wrong, I love it so far, but if I can afford something better I'd get it. If you are looking for a multi-effects in
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