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  1. Since it wouldn't be my main guitar I wouldn't want to spend more than £300 on one,
  2. Full disclosure. I'd really like a P90 equipped semi but even the Epis are out of my price range. I suppose I could settle for a thinline T style guitar with P90s. But is it the same thing?
  3. I think most of you will know the guitar I mean, without me having to say its name. I'm also curious as to why Epiphone (or their parent company) enforces its patent so stringently in Europe but lets GFS/Xaviere get away with marketing a blatant clone in the US. Given the litigious nature of Americans and the relatively easy going nature of European laws when it comes to patents I would have thought the situation would be reversed. The only other possibility is that it's more expensive to make a HB with P90s and that's why companies like Thomann, with their Harley Benton brand, prefer to equip their semi and full hollow body guitars with Humbuckers only. It's either one of the above or the Casino is just a terrible guitar that no one in their right mind would want to clone.
  4. Can I have some recommendations? I need to get a gig bag made for a keyboard with unusual dimensions.
  5. Does anyone know which particular keyboards the electric piano and organ tones are based on? Cheers
  6. Good news Popped into my local Cash Convertors today to see what they had and saw a Casio CTK 711 on sale for only £60. Gave it a quick go and put a £12 deposit on. Just got to pay off the remaining £48 and it's mine
  7. I have a feeling most sound modules these days will use USB to connect to a controller
  8. Whelp... Not seeing any MIDI DIN jacks on any of the current range of Casios. Nor on the Yammies.
  9. Hey Phil. When I mentioned MIDI I was thinking of MIDI controller keyboards that need an external software source. Not keyboards with MIDI In/Out/Through.
  10. I realise this question's probably already been answered many times over the past 20 years. But... Since HC search doesn't have an advanced option which will enable me to filter out all the stuff I don't need, you're just going to have to see it again. I'm thinking of buying a home keyboard (Casio CTK 3*** or Yamaha PSR 5**) for adding keyboard sounds to my recordings and playing live. I could, of course, just get a midi keyboard and attach it to my computer and then use software to emulate various instruments but my computer isn't very mobile (it's a desktop). Which means such a set up would be useless to me when I want to play live. Hence I'm asking about cheap (sub £200) non midi keyboards. And the reason they have to be cheap is because I'm on a low budget and my credit rating is atrocious. So, the question is, do keyboards at this level produce a good enough simulation of the various instruments they're trying to emulate to be used for backing tracks/work? Has anyone here employed this type of keyboard in such a role?
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