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  1. Here's the point, and why I bothered to write this review. I spent almost 2 months researching and waiting before I bought this one. I bought it as a factory 2nd from Ebay, and there are a LOT of factory 2nd G-400s on Ebay. I cannot stress this enough: the ones made in Korea are SO much better quality than the ones from China. I went to Guitar Center to try some out before I made my choice on Ebay. The ones they make new are from China since '04 or '05. It was like night and day, the difference between the China and Korea models. They barely seem like the same guitar, everything was different from wood choice to neck size to finish, to even the general feel of the instrument. They seem to have made more cost cuts recently and wow is it noticable. One giveaway as to whether it is from China or Korea (if it does not say) is the fretboard trim. The Korean ones have a beatuiful cream fretboard trim and aged yellow-y inlays. The Chinese ones have no trim, and cheaper looking faux mother-of-pearl inlays. But the difference goes way beyond just the fretboard trim. My G-400 feels like a great instrument and the new ones at guitar center simply do not. My friend owns a Gibson Faded and they are remarkably similar, the Epiphone even looks more expensive. I know the Gibson has better electronics, but a good Korean G-400 at half the price is a close call. You can always change pickups later. I've read many reviews of the G-400 and nobody seems to have written much about the differences between the Korean ones of about 3-7 years ago vs. the Chinese ones today. I hope this helps somebody make the right choice, just becuase they both say G-400 does not mean they are the same guitar.
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