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  1. I've been playing from time to time during the last years, but more seriously in the last 7 months. I also own a Fender Strat, Fender Tele and Fender Jazz Bass. I really like this guitar, but finally am planning to buy a Gibson SG Special (not the faded!) or a Standard. The difference in money is big, I know, but I always wanted to have the Angus guitar! In the end, I will sell it or better give it to my sister, so the Epi stays "at home". The only thing I wished it had is a gigbag. My only complaint is that, to be honest, I do not like Epiphone producing the new models in China. If you look closer, they are removing some details like the neck binding but still selling the product as if it was the same. I know they changed the name from vintage to faded only because of the Gibsons' faded series.
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