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  1. I play indie but delay is delay. You use it everywhere. I have been playing forever (which means I should be really good but...). This is unbelieveable value. $50 Australian is throwaway money for most of us but this isn't a toy and it isn't junk. It's got decent sound with a decent amount of quality delay. I couldn't believe it when I saw them for the price. I tried it out and couldn't hand the salesman my hard earned cash quickly enough. Great stuff.
  2. Just does what it says it does. Emulates Fender amp tremolo. No harshness, no volume drop, no machine gun stutter. I'm so glad it doesn't have any other adjustments- just speed and depth, like a trem should. I play indie stuff, but it should be great for surf, country or whatever genre you choose to invent (and please do). Great pedal.
  3. Some people may not want what I want from a fuzz. But it does what I want perfectly. It may pay to look at other fuzzes, in case something else grabs you. Fuzz is a very subjective effect. But there's really nothing I can criticise overall about the whole package. And then there's the price, which just makes it an overall bargain.
  4. Uncle Mikey

    Boss LM-2

    I think it would be good for anything, if you know what it's for and how to use it. It's about the only limiter pedal out there specifically for guitar, so it would be a no-brainer if it got lost or stolen. I got it for a reason, it fulfills it exactly. The only issue I have is the tone knob- it doesn't really belong, in my opinion. I have been playing forever and, since my arm went bad, this has been an absolute gem.
  5. Let's face it, unless you have Dave Gilmour's guitar tech (and money), there's always going to be something you wish every effect (or amp or guitar) had. This does what it's meant to very nicely. RE: if it got stolen. Man, there are some violent musicians out there. If it gets stolen, go buy another one or a similar product. Don't hacksaw someone's limbs for a $50 pedal. It's only stuff. Get over it. Great pedal, especially for the price. Solid, nice tones, good variety, good emulations.
  6. Uncle Mikey

    laney LC30

    I have been playing for ages, but I suck but I love guitar and guitar gear. I would buy another one in a flash and have even thought about buying another one to make into a head. I'm comparing it with other good gear (which I still own so they're valid comparisons). I just think it sounds really alive and balanced but not excessively trebly like my Fender. As I said, it's annoying that the volume doesn't kick in until about 2 on the pot but apart from that, it's a great amp that sounds amazing- for me, at least. And great value for money too.
  7. I play indie-ish, but I guess it can do a wide variety of tones. That's part of the idea. I've been playing for years but I'm still not very good. But I love it, and that's what (I think) is important. This is a solid pedal, no digital artefacts to speak of. Sounds good, except for the DS-1 being noisy. The lack of an LCD is a bit of a nuisance for me, in case you didn't pick that up before. But typical Boss quality and very usable sounds on the whole.
  8. As above for other gear- Fender Japan all round. A strat, a Jag, the Mustang. A Fender USA Lead 1, an MIM Cyclone 2 and an Ibanez Talman. I sometimes prefer the sound of other guitars, especially the strat and the Talman, but the Mustang is just so playable, it's not funny. I've been playing forever but I'm still pretty ordinary. But I love anything with 6 strings. This guitar is a great mixture of playability, sound quality and build quality.
  9. Uncle Mikey

    Boss CE-2 Chorus

    Like I said, I cringed when I played it because it was that classic chorus tone. While I don't love chorus, if you get a chorus, this is what you expect (and, yes, I am a clown for getting a guitar pedal I didn't really like but it was cheap and definitely worth giving a go.) Great, thick tone but not for me.
  10. Uncle Mikey

    Boss CE-3 Chorus

    We play indie or alternate stuff. I have been playing for a long long time but I'm in denial over my aging, so I won't say how long... This was an ok chorus. I sold it to buy a CH-1 (again- back to the one that suits me more). In my very humble opinion, it sounds more organic and seems to do a better job of splitting the signal into stereo. Very sufficient- just not for me. And it's hard to be truly objective...
  11. I play mostly alterante/indie stuff, although I can't think that this pedal would especially one genre over another. Great little package, if used sparingly. It irritates me when people complain about it getting 'boomy' when they turn the bass up or 'shrill' when they boost treble. Be careful what you wish for...
  12. I've been playing for 15 years and have owned a bunch of gear. My other tube amps at the moment are a Fender Super 210 and an old Vase Trendsetter 60 head. As someone else has said, this is a 'go to' amp. it's light, cheap and reliable. You don't worry about it as much as the Vase and won't do your back in like the Fender has. We have band members without cars, so I have to transport them and their gear to rehearsals/gigs, so it just makes sense to take the smaller, lighter amp, especially when it sounds just as good anyway.
  13. We play indie-ish stuff (doesn't everyone??). I just sold it because of the warble- drove me nuts but everyone else seems to like it. Eventually had the choice between it and an old Yamaha Japan flanger and chose the Yammie because of the warble. But it was a very close call. It's a VERY good pedal.
  14. I've been playing for about 15 years and own a lot of gear. This is a really under-rated guitar. it's small and neat, sounds pretty good and looks a treat with its Mustang body. For the money, you can't go wrong- especially if you want to mod it etc. It feels more comfortable to me than either the Mustang or Jaguar and the Jagstang doesn't have the body contours, so of all the alt-rock Fenders, I think it wins.
  15. Uncle Mikey

    MXR Phase 45

    We do indi-ish stuff and I've been playing forever. Doesn't matter anyway- this is just the best phaser I have ever heard and/or owned, for any level and any genre. Subtlety is what the Phase 45 is all about. When you run your guitar through it, it doesn¿t completely drown your whole tone; it just actually enhances it and lets it through. We actually bass through it for one song. Very cool.
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