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  1. Warmoth total custom job (obviously lol) but what I mean is they don't offer this kind of thing, I had to come up with drawings and dimensions, etc.. for the 7 String Ken Lawrence style headstock. I spared no expense with the options, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard, Bare Knuckle pickups, etc.. Just having the body and neck built was $1859 (before pickups, hardware, build cost, etc..) This was put together professionally for me by a local shop here in my town. It was put together, wired, and setup all by them. Here are the specs: Scale: 25.5 inch Top: Carved Body: Mahogany Top: Flames Maple Pickups: Bareknuckle Warpig Bridge/Cold Sweat Neck Bridge: T-O-M & Stoptail Binding: White Finish: Silverburst Shaft Wood: Mahogany Fingerboard Wood: Brazilian Rosewood Nut Width: 1 & 7/8 Back Contour: Standard Thin Frets: 24 Stainless Steel 6105 Neck finish: Clear Satin Nitro - for a super smooth feel, excellent playability I'm looking to trade for a Framus Cobra or to sell outright for $1300 OBO. Pictures:
  2. Hey, your pm's are full but I am interested if you still have it. PM me, thanks.
  3. Up for sale is my beloved EBMM JP-7 (D-Sonic Model) in the sweet Mystic Dream finish. It is fully loaded with Piezo, JP inlays, and matching headstock. There was a tremol-no installed when I got it. That thing is great. There is a very light, very small scratch that doesn't go through the finish, which is on the back of the body. I'm selling because I miss having a Diezel Einstein around so that would the only trade I would be willing to do, otherwise I am looking for $1600 shipped and insured to your front door.
  4. Sparkle Drive = SOLD!! Thanks everyone!
  5. espdna

    FS: ZVEX, Keeley

  6. espdna

    FS: ZVEX, Keeley

    Today - Memorial Day Only - $100 Shipped on the Sparkle Drive. If it doesn't sell today, it hits eBay in the morning.
  7. espdna

    FS: ZVEX, Keeley

    Fuzz Factory = SOLD!!!
  8. Tuner = SOLD!!! Verbzilla & Sparkle Drive still available with new lower price!
  9. buyer backed out of the sparkle drive i guess, have not heard from him..
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