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  1. I play Classic Rock, Blues, Funk, Rap, and Alternative that occasionally uses Metal. Honestly, Metal comes from the type of Amp and Speaker. So this pedal is either for more variety on those amps, OR, realistically, trying to turn your BLUES or CLASSIC ROCK amp into a Metal amp. Ain't going to happen convincingly, but you'll get close with this pedal. If you're seriously a Metal dude, you won't be owning a Fender amp, OK?!? Fender is THE BEST at "clean", Vox a close second, but sound all it's own. Ampeg has some amazing blues tones too. But if you own ANY of those, or Pe
  2. The extremely high cost. The very unfriendly customer support. The problems keeping your plugins working (one wonders if it's build in so you HAVE to buy their 300+ dollar support scheme) This company delivers average plugins, at a bloated price, for a gotcha scheme in terms of support which is highly lacking and unapologetic. Their security model is a nightmare and doesn't always work. For exmaple, my iLok says "Authorized", my Waves website says "Authorized" both for "ever", but my DAW's say they are unauthorized, and I'd have to pay another years "Support" which went fr
  3. db9091-DgSKv

    Akai DPS24

    If it died, I'd compare to see if I could spring for a PC or Mac system entirely. When I stacked that entire cost up, and if it's more than 1000 more than a used unit, I might go solely to PC. As it is, I use this to record and port the files to the PC to mix and finish. BUT, when I mix with this unit, it still can be superior (not the mixing effects, but the mastering effects are pretty good) This is just the best DAW ever made and I suspect with computing systems eventuality, probably with have become the best digital DAW ever made.
  4. I play many different styles. This unit HAS in the past saved me on buying expensive mics and preamps to record. I now HAVE expensive preamps and mics to record with and yet I STILL use my POD a lot. Partially for ease, but mostly because as one person, it's not always easy to set-up your microphones and preamp settings, which really is for a trained engineer. So for simplicity in recording DI, this products is superb. IF you want, you can marry this to a tube amp, get all the deep tube tone and yet still model other amps. The effects are not as "perfect" as the Boss modelers, no, but i
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