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  1. electronician

    ProCo RAT 2

    Nothing more than 'try and buy' or backwards. You won't be disappeared!
  2. The jap. company called LOCO BOX made some really cool and flashy Effects. The sound-quality is well enough to keep using it
  3. All in all, it's stubborn as a mule but if you know how to tame it, this pedal may be for you.
  4. Well, if I was in need of a cool amp for recording usage or to practising, it would be an amp like that. Unfortunately, the price of the amp is quite high unfortunately in comparison with a much more powerful VOX AC30CC from China. You have to decide on your own what company you want to support with your money!
  5. Well it's a nice little amp with a blonde tolex with the looks of it's bigger brothers (AC15 and AC30). I think the idea of switching down the power to even ¿¿ Watt is a bit strange but for a quiet practising, it'll certainly do the job. From my point of view, i'd try to replace the speaker and see how it changes the sound. I wouldn't use it as a recording amp. If this is the answer to the new series of single-end amps from Gibson, Epiphone and Fender, VOX is a bit late in the market and probably should use the original schematics to get a reallly cool reissue of the AC4.
  6. I am surprised, that even with 32Bit technology, it's not manageable nowadays to get through the dynamics of your guitar as with an analog effect! Well we'll see what brings the future for guitarits ;-) I still give this pedal a eight or nine because it's not overpriced for the quality off effects you get!
  7. This delay is not painted at all on all sides of the case. Also, the front-panel may loose the paint. Despite to the fact that it looks rather ugly from the side, I don't care much because it's such a killer-sounding effect! The only downsize is, that the tap-delay is not very elegant to use for setting up short triplets and quarters, but one can set it up by hand and use the preset function. After this info's I'd like to mention that the DSP (Sound processor) is capable of a resolution of 24Bits. This is great compared with the old 8-Bit digital delay's from the eighties and a lot of oth
  8. electronician

    Cort MGM-1

    A nice guitar to play with, but you even can expect more, if you change the pickups and most important for me the tunings if you want to get a real clear tone. Go for a standart Gibson PAF's, you can't go wrong with it. Or try a Duesenberg Domino, or a Kluson Vintage to gain a bit more frequencies that tend to get lost a bit under the chrome cases of PAF's. Since I've installed some (expensive) grover tuners, the guitar stay's tuned for weeks! I did'nt like the gold hardware so much, so I even changed out the bridge for a standart Gibson-bridge. Be aware that it requires some drillin
  9. electronician

    Ibanez FL-301

    A cool pedal that is flangeing really nice and clear. Not a cheap pedal but worth the price. The BIG disadvantage for me would be that this effect uses two 9-Volt batteries! Apparently, also some older device from MXR running with two batteries, so this seems to be a technical matter.
  10. This pedal sounds ******* ugly and if you want to make weard sounds, then you should buy real ring-modulator! Don't buy this pedal, you will be disappointed unless you're collecing MXR-Pedals. All in all: a silly noisebox!!
  11. electronician

    Vox AC4

    All in all, it took me quite a while to service this amp and I guess that I'll never give it away. The tubes are still quite common and due to it's simplicity of the wiring it's sounding really good. Compared to the VOX VR30 (Valvetronics), the dynamics are much better and is sounding quite right without fiddling with the tone and bass knobs. Compared to my VOX AC30, the AC4 could be his little brother. For this I give it a 10 again!
  12. My setup is: H¿¿fner-LesPaul-Copy-->Dunlop-GCB95-->Ibanez-FL99-->Ibanez-TS9--> -->MXR-Phase99-->MXR-DynaComp-->BadCat-TwoTone-->VOX-AC30 If this Flanger would get stolen, I'd get another one or would try out a FL9 or an Electric Mistress.
  13. This pedal is really what I was looking for since years and I think that I get rid of my (also cool) Ibanez TS9 to get some money back because of the high price of the 2-Tone Bad Cat. All in all it's one of a few rolls royce of guitar-effects!!!
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