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  1. Excellent build quality, increadible tone, beautiful (and perfectly applied) Gold Top finish. What's not to like? This would have to be one of the most versitile guitars I've ever played. Whilst it will not perfectly cover a Strat or Tele sound it comes a lot closer than trying to get a Tele or Strat to sound like a Les Paul - but this guitar is such a good instrument for what it is and has its own unique tone. Put up with the hum at high gain, its worth it for the tone you get when you are playing.
  2. Classic late 60's and 70's blues/rock. Hendrix, Floyd, SRV etc. With some cheap easy mods this pedal is exactly what my sound has been missing. BEWARE: Stock standard I don't think the USA re-issue realy lives up to the hype and expectations when the advertising mentions names like Santana and Gilmour and terms like 70's sound. But with some cheap and easy modifications it can live up to its former glories.
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