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  1. Best guitar I've ever owned. My number one axe. I would cry if I lost it, then get myself together and find another. Again, I can't stress strongly enough, if you own Gibsons, Fenders etc and you think they are great, don't buy this guitar, it will ruin your marriage. * note* Ed Roman who has a guitar shop back east is THE BC Rich Guru. His web page is easily accessable using your browser ( Ed Roman's Guitar World) and his page is a wealth of knowledge. He is also a maste luthier in his own right, and if you are looking for a BC Rich US series he will be your best resource f
  2. Great, the beauty of this guitar is that they are still undervalued by some used guitar stores and most pawn shops. In this day and age when finding those 'guitar gems' on the used market is becoming increasingly difficult, this is an axe you can still set your sites on and reasonably expect to acquire for under $500, and it plays as well as any of the GIbsons I own. If it was stolen I would be very sad, and if I find another I will buy it, for no other reason than I really appreciate the craftsmanship tht went into these guitars for the brief period when Ibanez was trying to toe the line wi
  3. b-ready

    BBE 411

    I won this thing as a door prize several 10 years ago and figured I'd been saddled with a white elephant as they had just started selling these things, boy was I surprised... The BBE sonic maximizer does something that has been explained to me as: synching up the frequencies as they reach the speaker and subsequently the listener's ear as certain frequencies have an inherant latency....ya, well anyway, I'm sure I don't have much of a handle on it, but these things are dynamite and if you can find one(they seem to go for about $100 bucks used) you would be a fool to pass it up. No other
  4. b-ready

    Korg A2

    Greatest rack ever made. I sincerely belive that. Mine just recently died and I went out and hunted down a new one (although I could only find an A3). Can't imagine being without it, it does so much and is so easy to use and so forgiving when it comes to abuse--I love it, can you tell? I would probably pay the original sticker price if that was the only way to find a replacement, even though it's 12 years old. Without a doubt the single best investment I have ever made in gear after 22 years!
  5. Bought this because I thought my old cry-baby might need a replacement and this relic just looked to fun to pass up. wanted to enter a review because I've never seen this pedal before, and figured it may be helpful for anyone who runs across one Also, interestingly enough has a strange mono, mono w wolume, stereo series of outputs I haven't had much time to figure out. Has some funky little internal adjustment knobs that you can move to change distortion volume and distortion sustain time. Overall, if you like th original crybaby you can't be disappointed here, and if the 'fuzz' ef
  6. b-ready

    roland JC-60

    When it worked it was everything you expected. If you can find one that is sound it would probably be well worth buying.
  7. Love it. Don't expect this guy to be an exciting road amp, but enjoy it at home and in the studio, like an old friend.
  8. b-ready

    Carvin X100B

    Been playing about 22 years, and used this amp with a stock 84 Gibson SG exclusively, to play Hardcore punk rock in a touring band. I chose this head because I have always been attracted to the more 'renegade' gear that was out there, stuff you didn't see too often. Mesa Boogie was out of my price range, but everyone had a Marshall, I liked the graphic EQ, ohm selection and lead boost and was very pleased when I bought this amp new from Carvin. This is a great head for very HARD overdriven music. Can't speak to it's other possibilities as that was all I ever used it for, but I will
  9. b-ready

    Ampeg VT-120

    I have been playing for 22 years and have played a broad range of music from Hardcore punk to jazz and blues, this amp would work well in any of those situations. I have a host of other amps (Roland JC-60, Dean Markley RM 40 DR, Carvin XB-100,and have played through many, many more) and guitars/effects but this is my ace, and my ONLY gig amp. This amp is not for the feint of heart, and may have a bit too much horsepower for most, but I love it. It looks inocuos enough but as soon as you turn it on you get noticed, be it for it's beautiful tonal qualities or it's beastly power. Lot's of cha
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